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Learn the Magic Formula to Create any Change in Your Life with NLP & Neuro-Shine Technology™ 


Here is How I Can Help You Become More and Achieve More with my Neuro-Shine Technology™

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Success begins in your thinking. The level of meaning and joy you experience in your life all happens in your thinking. So I invite you to STUDY THE WAY YOU THINK, your psychology, beliefs, values, expectations and how you show up in your relationships with my Neuro-Shine Technology™. Neuro-Shine Technology™ is a powerful communication model that studies the deep root causes of our thoughts, beliefs, values, expectations, language and behaviors by combining the power of the mind with the wisdom of the heart, as ONE. It's the art & science and the logic & magic of BE'ing. Because as you explore, learn more about yourself, improve your communication & leadership skills, you can BECOME who you're truly meant to be.

12-Week ICF Approved Online NLP & Coach Double Certification Training

Get Double Certified as an NLP Practitioner (Provisional*) and as a World-Class Coach with this ICF Approved 12-Week Online Training. You can make money by changing lives from home, on the phone, online.

$4,997.00 USD

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6-Week Online NLP Training With Live Zoom Sessions

Right now it’s more possible and easier than ever for you to master your mind, create fulfilling relationships and serve others with your knowledge, experience and effective communication skills.

$997.00 USD

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5-Week Online ICF Coaching Skills With Live Zoom Sessions

I have been a coach since 2010. By “fully” integrating ICF Coaching skills into my own NLP certification trainings, I created a world-class coach training curriculum that's fully approved by ICF.

$997.00 USD

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Full Online NLP Video Training: Your Most Essential Skills Of Confidence & Influence!

Wouldn't you like to learn how your mind works so that you can reprogram it to live your life on your own terms? Wouldn't you like to know the most effective communication tools that will get you what you want?

$747.00 USD

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ICF Coaching Skills With Neuro-Shine Technology™

In a world where everything is more uncertain than ever, you have a chance to create your own world of certainty. By becoming a professional coach and making money through changing lives.

$747.00 USD

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Neuro-Shine Technology™ Mindset Principles 

These 8 mindset principles, together with their incredibly powerful thought technologies, conceptual and practical tools will change the way you think and talk about yourself, your life and your relationships with others, FOREVER!

$447.00 USD

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Neuro-Shine Coaching™ Online Course With Neuro-Shine Technology™

I have a 7-step ICF Approved coaching methodology that helps you create breakthroughs for your clients. It’s called Neuro-Shine Coaching™. Coaching your clients to maximize their potential through experiencing neuro-shine moments.

$247.00 USD

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Learn The ICF Coaching Skills To Become A World-Class Coach

If you are a coach, or want to be an ICF coach, or want to become a better human being with  advanced ICF coaching skills. You can make a money by changing livesFrom home, on the phone, online, anywhere, anytime, with all the freedom and fulfillment you can imagine...

$597.00 USD

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Learn The 3 Levels Of Leadership Skills To Be A Leader In Your Life

A shiny mind in my Neuro-Shine Technology™ language is a leader, who combines the power of their mind with the wisdom of their heart! A Shiny Mind is the opposite of a dark mind, which operates with fear, anxiety, doubt or other limitations and victim thinking.

$97.00 USD

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Introduction to Neuro-Shine Technology™ Mindset Principles

Wouldn't you like to learn how your mind works so that you can reprogram it to live your life on your own terms? Wouldn't you like to know the most effective communication tools that'll get you what you want? Get a taste of it!

$27.00 USD

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Emotional Intelligence Language With Neuro-Shine Technology™

Master your mind, master your language so that you can begin to speak emotionally intelligent and make your difference in the world! Communicating with emotional intelligence is what makes you a true master!

$197.00 USD

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Neuro-Shine Technology™ Communication Principles

Learn the most powerful communication tools with ICF coaching, neuro-linguistic programming™, positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence with Neuro-Shine Technology™!

$247.00 USD

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How To Learn To Ask Powerful Questions

Master your language so that you can begin to bust people’s limiting beliefs, assumptions and make your difference in the world with Neuro-Shine Technology™.

$197.00 USD

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How To Set Your Goals
More Effectively With NLP

Goals are what motivates us, biochemically speaking. When you set your mind to achieve a specific goal, your mind sets your whole body to help you achieve it!

$197.00 USD

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Learn The 3 Levels Of Listening Skills

Based On Neuroscience, Your Level Of Listening Depends Mostly On The Level Of Brain You Are Operating With; In Other Words Your Level Of Consciousness.

$97.00 USD

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ICF Approved Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® & Neuro-Shine Technology Coach™ Certification Training


Training Dates for Level 1 in 2022:


June 25-July 2, 2022 (June 28 is off) 

$6,997.00 USD

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ICF Approved Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® & Professional Neuro-Shine Technology Coach™ Certification Training


Training Dates for Level 2 in 2022:


October 17-24, 2022 (Oct 21 is off)

$7,997.00 USD

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ADVANCED Level 1 + Level 2 Bundle Training With NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner and ICF Approved Professional Neuro-Shine Technology Coach™ Certifications


Training Dates for Level 3 in 2022:


November 12-18, 2022

$11,997.00 USD

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Get Ready To Rise & Shine
With The Shiny One

What would you say if you had only 3 minutes to share your message on Brendon Burchard's Speaker Training? Get ready to electrify your soul.

$9.97 USD

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Shiny Galactic
Coaching Package

120 minutes of Exclusive Personal Shine Coaching Session
($6,817 Total value)

$997.00 USD every month

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Ultimate Leader
Coaching Package

30 minutes of leadership coaching session for every week
($6,817 Total value)

$9,997.00 USD for a year

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You Are A Star! Shine!
Mind Shining Book

With personal life designing exercises and mind-shining concepts inside, this book'll also serve you to elevate your BE'ing, electrify your LIVE'ing and commit to your self BELIEVE'ing!

$16.99 USD

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Organizational Development & Corporate Training 

Achieving and maintaining organizational success begins in effective and contextual thinking. And I helped many organizations realign their thinking with my Neuro-Shine Technology™. 

Starting at $5,000.00 USD

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Professional Leadership Training
at UCLA Extension

Class begins: Spring 2021
As a top-rated Leadership Communication Strategies Instructor at UCLA Extension, since 2012, I had the honor of supporting hundreds of leaders, entrepreneurs and top executives.

Starting at $765.00 USD

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Licensed Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming® &

ICF Approved Neuro-Shine Technology Coach™

Double Certification Training

A unique transformational personal growth program designed to develop world-class Influencers, Entrepreneurs, World Changers, Leaders, Movers and Shakers who're also high quality Certified Coaches and NLP Master Practitioners. This program is a powerful blend of Neuroscience, Cosmology, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Communication Strategies, Heart-science and Advanced Coaching Methods, that will totally blow your mind with its deep, sophisticated content delivered in such a fun and loving way!