We are going to talk about the underrated part of communication: LISTENING!

When you think about “communication”, the first skill that comes to your mind is probably your ability to effectively express yourself with a great selection of words and use your nonverbal communication tools also effectively. Such as your tonality and your body language. And these skills are related to being the “sender” of the information when you communicate with others.

But how about looking at it from the other part, when you are the “receiver” of the information? When you gather data, filter and store, how do you listen? What do you pay attention? How do you give meaning?

People struggle a lot because they don’t know how to listen actively. They experience big problems in both personal and professional environments due to the lack of active listening skill.

We will cover three different levels of listening along with specific examples so that you can see where you are, adjust your presence by paying more attention to what you are not hearing and measure your progress accordingly. 


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Together we’ll cover 3 levels of listening, how they are different from each other, why do you need to know the difference between them. 

As a professional coach, you need to be at least at level 2 so that you can truly understand and appreciate your client’s map of the world, ask powerful questions and help them maximize their true potential.

When you’re able to combine all three levels of listening, you’ll be able to create magic for yourself and others for the rest of your life!


According To The Neuroscience, Your Level Of Listening Depends Mostly On The Level Of Brain You Are Operating With; In Other Words Your Level Of Consciousness.


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3 Levels Of Listening Online Course Curriculum

You’ll learn the 3 levels of listening skills, how they are different from each other, why do you need to know the difference between them and all levels of skills and also how you can apply them in your communication.

3 Levels of Listening - Level 1

It's about survival.

3 Levels of Listening - Level 2

It's about your social consciousness.

3 Levels of Listening - Level 3

It's about your thinking brain.

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What is

Neuro-Shine Technology™?


Neuro-Shine Technology™ is the technology for truth that combines the power of the mind with the wisdom of the heart.

It's a powerful model of success that helps individuals communicate truthfully to and from the core of being a human.

Neuro-Shine Technology™ aims to revolutionize the way we think about thinking and learning through integrating science and spirituality, brain and heart, mind and matter, logic and magic with love and oneness.

The ultimate mission of Neuro-Shine Technology™ is to show people how to live in a beautiful state of BE'ing consistently and make authentic and strategic decisions in every aspect of life, communicate effectively and from the heart, create and innovate purposeful businesses and most importantly build and lead deeper and even more meaningful relationships with self and others from that beautiful place of truth, where the power of the mind hugs the truth in the heart...


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Shiny Burcu Unsal is the Global Award-Winning Creator of Neuro-Shine Technology™, a 40 Under 40 Most Influential Award Recipient, a Licensed NLP Trainer, an ICF Certified Coach, an ICF Accredited Professional Coach Trainer and a seasoned Communication Expert. She is the Founder of the Academy of Neuro-Shine Technology™, the Author of “YOU ARE A STAR! SHINE!” and a top-rated Professor at UCLA Extension, teaching Leadership Communication Strategies and Emotional Intelligence.

Born and raised in a small town in Turkey and driven by a desire for bigger achievements, she left her advertising career in Turkey and started her American Dream in 2004 in Los Angeles. After losing her father to a shocking heart attack in 2006, Shiny embarked on a journey that traveled deep within, searching for her truth and purpose. Today, after 20,000 hours of training, Shiny is a voice for positivity, teaching the skills of personal transformation with love and oneness. Since 2011, she's trained over 5,000 people, personally certified over 350 coaches and her videos have been viewed over 300,000 times on YouTube. She's an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council and a Motivational Speaker with a unique, high positive energy, having shared the stage with the best in the world, like Brendon Burchard, Les Brown, Gary Vee and Jay Abraham. She's been featured on CNN Turk, CBS, Hay House Radio, Forbes.com, Huffington Post and multiple other TV channels, magazines and podcasts.

Shiny takes personal pride in transforming her own mother from “a miserable widow/retired teacher,” into an inspiring Neuro-Shine Technology enthusiast and trainer who actively gives seminars in her hometown in Turkey—after the age of 60! She's also proud to have graduated hundreds of international professionals from the Leadership Communication Strategies course she teaches at UCLAx.

Shiny has received degrees from METU (Turkey’s MIT), UCLA, Harvard Business School and the University of Metaphysics. Prior to owning her mission to create Shiny Minds, she worked in the corporate world for a decade, managing Fortune 500 brands like Coca Cola, Kotex, AVON.

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