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Learn the Magic Formula to Create any Change in Your Life with NLP & Neuro-Shine Technology™ 

We Might Co-Create

A Beautiful Coaching Relationship:

You believe that life is a constant co-creation of change and growth. Life is about learning, growing and evolving.
You know deep in your heart that there is more to life. You want to explore what else is possible for you. You are driven to rise up to your next levels. You want to become more and achieve more. You want to create a bigger impact.
You are also willing to do the work it takes, because you take full responsibility of your decisions and behaviors.
And you want to do it all as you feel not judged but safe; not shown but seen; not told but heard; and not controlled but truly appreciated. 
Well then, welcome to your new world of Neuro-Shine Coaching™️ with me! Because you sound like my ideal client that I would love to serve, support and grow with!
Together we will combine the power of your mind with the wisdom of your heart to maximize your true potential and make your difference in the world!

Benefits Of My

Neuro-Shine Executive Coaching™

  • You'll be a lot more aware of your thoughts, language, emotions and behaviors and their effects on others
  • You'll gain clarity of your needs, beliefs and values
  • You'll learn how to remove your mental blocks & limiting beliefs and improve your self confidence
  • You'll learn how to take full responsibility of your decisions, behaviors and communication patterns
  • You'll learn how to ask better, more effective questions to resolve conflict and negotiate with power 
  • You'll learn how to develop and maintain a growth mindset and lead your team / clients achieve the same
  • You'll enhance your charisma, improve your emotional intelligence and become a more influential leader
  • You'll set even more effective goals, achieve them and maximize your potential as you empower others

I Provide World Class Leadership & Executive Coaching:

  • I include a variety of assessment tools (success & fulfillment scores, brain type, personality profile, core values, tolerations, happiness, human needs, female & male energy, leadership, EQ test, etc.)
  • With the help of my 10 years plus NLP knowledge and experience, I help you bust your assumptions (it's fascinating how we're all limited with our own perspective) and smash your limiting beliefs
  • I help you set even more effective and meaningful goals; goals that are aligned with who you're and what you truly want and need
  • I am very good at asking powerful questions to provoke your thinking, shift your perspective and tap into your creativity
  • I become your accountability partner, your cheerleader, your ongoing support system for you to build a solid executive structure, achieve your goals and rise up to your next levels!
  • I have been coaching since 2010. I have more than 500 hours of coach training and more than 2,500 hours of coaching experience
  • I am one of the only 530 ICF Master Certified Coaches (MCC)™ in US and 1,363 in the whole world. I've been on FORBES Coaches Council since 2016 and teaching Leadership at UCLA Extension since 2012.
  • Plus, I have 10 years of corporate background; worked with Fortune 500, managed a team of 100 in 7 countries. I totally got your back!



Clients Served & Neurons Shined at:

Co-creating Our Coaching Relationship With My

Neuro-Shine Technology


Neuro-Shine Coaching™ = It’s a 7-step perspective shifting, enlightening and empowering coaching process that’s designed to explore your truth and to maximize your true potential, based on the ICF's Core Competency Model. 

During your Neuro-Shine Coaching™ sessions, you can expect to experience Neuro-Shine Moments™ of truth and become more aware of your thoughts, language, emotions and behaviors and their effects on yourself and others.

When we partner up together strongly, we both empower our coaching relationship, not ourself or each other.

Also, the purpose of my Neuro-Shine Coaching™ sessions is not to fix or solve your problem. It's to transform your thinking and to maximize your personal and professional potential so that you get to enjoy solving your own problem!

What My Clients Wanted You To Know About My Neuro-Shine Coaching™


Shiny is one of the premier leaders in the personal development space.
I took her Executive Coaching and NLP course in Los Angeles, and was so impacted by her life changing tools that I hired her to train my entire team! The bottom line is results and ROI, Shiny delivers way beyond expectations. I feel her training is a must for business leaders today.

- CHRIS KAY, INC 500 Entrepreneur

"You MUST meet Shiny!"
This is what many people told me when I was getting my NLP certification. After a week I went to Tony Robbins UPW and as I was talking to the staff, they said to me: you have a shiny personality, like a lady from Turkey, you MUST meet her, her name is Shiny! By then, I was quite intrigued I have to admit. I looked for Shiny and we met for a coffee. Listening to her I knew that she has a powerful combination of passion, skills and generosity. She knows how to shine and how to be UNSTOPPABLE, and she shares this with the world. For me, it was a breakthrough; I took a ride in the Shiny rollercoaster, and I felt the excitement and also the vertigo. I started taking coaching sessions with her and the results are fast and powerful: clarity, high business performance and even my neurology improved! This seems like magic, and it has magical effects, but actually it is science. Shiny makes all of this happen using science based technologies like NLP, the most powerful technology of the mind. Now I am unstoppable too. I recommend you to learn NLP from Shiny, it will change your life."

- MELINA VICARIO: La Biohacker 

Shiny's Executive Coaching program, one of the best coaching programs I have taken
with philosophies that will follow me in my business and personal life forever. Shiny truly changed my life and I hands down recommend anyone looking at her services to dive into her program, you will not regret it!

KRISSY WRATTEN: VP of Business Development, LBMC LLC

By the second session you changed something within me
that I’ve been struggling with for over 10 years. 
The temper tantrum inner child that was causing huge resistance, procrastination and stress. I can say now that I have tamed him.

I’ve tried to speak with MANY coaches about this problem and you solved it in ONE 30 min session! UNBELIEVABLEYou’re a Genius.
Thank you so much.

GAVIN STEPHENSON: Subconscious Mind Alchemist, Geoki Healer and Coach 

Shiny Burcu Unsal is professional and unique in what she teaches.
Her trainings are extraordinary and her coachings eye opening. She loves what she does: and this is impacting the way she is teaching and coaching: with professionalism, heart and soul. I can recommend Shiny fully.

GABI LASZINGER: Personal Life & Mindset Strategist - ConSOULtant - Visioncoach - Trainer - International Speaker - Hypnotherapist

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