You have the power to
BeLive and Believe
anything you want. 
Believe in YOU!
Let Your Power Shine Out!

- XOXO, Shiny Unsal


Shiny is a high energy, go-getter, success meets fulfillment personality."



Shiny is the happiest person I know! She also knows how to ask the right questions and take actions. I believe in her."



She has taken her life and wisdom and laid out something you haven't seen before! I recommend her as one of my world-class Licensed Trainers."


I am so proud of you, our world needs a powerful female thought leader just like you!"


Shiny Unsal

Award-Winning Mindset Coach, NLP & Coach Trainer & Elite Success Strategist

With an educational background from Harvard Business School, UCLA, University of Metaphysics, METU (MIT of Turkey) and 19 years in marketing, & communication, Shiny Burcu Unsal, a.k.a. “The Shiny One” is the Founder of Be-Live in U by The Shiny One, the Creator of Neuro-Shine Technology™ and the Author of You Are A Star! Shine!

She has trained with the best in the world, including Dr. Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Brendon Burchard, Dr. Joe Dispenza and many other world leaders.

Prior to owning her mission to make people shine, she worked at multinational advertising agencies like Ogilvy and McCann Erickson where she made Fortune 500 brands like Coca Cola, Avon and BP shine! And in her last corporate position as the Head of Marketing, for an international firm, she made both the brand of the company, the people of the company and the sales of the company rise up and shine! 

Today, she's awarded as the Most Influential Turkish-American Mindset Coach, ICF Accredited Life Coach Trainer, Official Member of Forbes Coaches Council, Motivational Speaker, a top-rated Lead Instructor teaching Leadership Communication Strategies and Emotional Intelligence at UCLA Extension and the one and only Turkish-American Licensed NLP Trainer in the world. Through all of these platforms, Shiny Burcu Unsal has touched thousands of people's lives and helped them create their own shiny & happy lives, including herself and her own mom.

Her work's been featured on CBS, ForbesHuffington PostHay House Radio and several national Turkish TV and newspapers. And she shared the stage with big world changers such as Les Brown, Jay Abraham and Gary Vee. In 2015, she named herself “Shiny” to own her mission to enlighten, empower and energize people through her motivational speeches, events, online courses, coaching, and NLP training programs. She's committed to push humanity forward and help create a shinier, happier world!

My Transformation From Marketing To Personal Growth, NLP and Human Potential

After several years of great achievements in the advertising world, my whole life stopped for a moment in 2006. I was on my way from Los Angeles to back home to my family and I was so excited to finally see my parents again. My always loving and supporting mom, and my very ambitious and one of a kind dad, were both ready with open arms to welcome me back home.

Unfortunately, that warm welcome never happened. The hug I was expecting from my dad never happened. The affection from his eyes, showing me how proud he was, never happened. The love I felt for him, I never got to share with him. That day, he disappeared from this planet earth forever...

My dad died unexpectedly, on a heart attack, (that I know now was actually a dark mind attack as a result of becoming the victim of his negative thinking and the loud voice of unworthiness) and no signs in the universe had told me or warned me about this... So I did not have the relationship I wanted to have with my father when he passed away. I did not have the feeling of completion, the love or the joy between us. Even though he was my hero when I was a little girl, and I remember how I would sit on his lap, while he would tell me how I was going to become a very special, well-educated, confident, and powerful woman... 

Those early childhood moments were some of my best memories with him, and later I found out that those were also my earliest, strongest beliefs about my identity, my purpose and my dreams about life that my father programmed deep into my mind, not knowingly. And these memories and strong positive beliefs he had installed in me were the reasons why I couldn't connect with his negative thoughts that took over him later in life... I just couldn't accept all that darkness coming from him, who was also the source of my strength, courage and wisdom, so I chose to fight against him and stand for my own freedom; not knowing that this darkness was strong enough to take him away from me... 

After my dad passed away, I couldn’t believe how suddenly such a loving heart could stop beating, because of nothing. Because of nothing! Really?! There had to be a reason. There had to be a solid reason and an explanation to all this! And so, I began searching... 

Only to realize that this whole time my fight was not against him; it was against the darkness of the mind. 

So I named myself "Shiny" to officially declare my mission to represent the shininess of the mind and the cosmic brilliance of the heart, when they are happily coherent and IN LOVE with each other as ONE...


The Timeline

  • 2018: Director of Global Woman Club LA Downtown
  • 2018: Global Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • 2017: 40 Under 40 Most Influential Turkish American Award
  • 2016: Creator of Neuro-Shine Technology
  • 2016: Official Member of the Forbes Coaches Council
  • 2016: Author of YOU ARE A STAR! SHINE!
  • 2015: Became an American citizen and changed my legal name to "Shiny"
  • 2015: Made my first "6 figures"
  • 2014: CCE Accreditation from ICF (International Coach Federation)
  • 2014: Lead Instructor and Course Author of of Managing Yourself and Others with Emotional Intelligence at UCLA Extension
  • 2013: Master’s degree in Metaphysical Psychology from the University of Metaphysics
  • 2012: Lead Instructor of Leadership Communication Strategies at UCLA Extension
  • 2011: Licensed Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming from Dr. Richard Bandler
  • 2011: Created Be-Live in U on 1/1/2011
  • 2011: Second Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysics from University of Metaphysics
  • 2010: Moved back to Los Angeles for soul searching
  • 2009: Executive Leadership Training from Harvard Business School
  • 2006: Moved back to Turkey and same night my father passed away
  • 2005: Award in General Business Studies Certification with Concentration in Marketing at UCLA Extension
  • 2004: Came to US as an Au-Pair
  • 2000 - 2010: Marketing and Advertising career at McCann Erickson, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather and Chief Marketing Officer at Detur International
  • 2000: Graduated METU (MIT of Turkey in Ankarawith BS in International Relations and moved to Istanbul for career
  • 1979-1995: A little girl with big dreams in Anamur (Mediterranean Turkey)

My Teachers And Inspirations

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Fun Facts About Me!


  • I can make a split with my legs!
  • I have big love and passion for stages and microphone since the age of 4!
  • I had a baby goat named "fancy" when I was 6 :)

  • My nickname was “Polyanna” in high school

  • I was an awarded poet when I was 14!

  • I had my own radio show at the age of 17!

  • I play guitar and am a pretty good singer ;)
  • I have 1 bronze in running and 2 gold medals in basketball
  • I was in the step-dance team in college
  • I traveled more than 21 countries
  • My uncle left home on a donkey when he was 12 and graduated from MIT 
  • And yes, I love taking selfies ;)

Tony Robbins

I experienced the legend's UPW (Unleash the Power Within) in 2011 in Florida. It was my first year, back in United States and in the world of personal development. I was totally unleashed after UPW :) I bought every single CD, DVD, Audio program he's ever created and I studied them for years. And when I went to BM (Business Mastery) in London in 2016, our connection was intergalactic! I had one of the most unforgettable experiences of my entire life with Tony Robbins! He endorsed me in front of 1,200 people and changed me once again. I AM blessed on cloud #9.