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About the book:

I’m presenting the concept of "STARDOM" with scientific information from my Neuro-Shine Technology™ and explaining NLP with a unique, friendly, inspiring and cosmic language. This book is a complete guide for you to Be-Live in U and build your own beautiful Shiny Mind so that you can achieve anything you want in your life. Even your wildest dreams!

The book is filled with personal life designing exercises and mind-shining concepts such as your words, your core values, true life purpose, etc. and it will serve as your very special personal workshop, for you to elevate your Be'ing and electrify your Live'ing in a whole new way!

I wrote this fabulous PERSONAL SHINE book for the REAL GALACTIC STARS who would like to shine even brighter in their own power!

On a side note, this book is also my textbook that I use when I teach my Leadership Communication Strategies class at UCLA Extension.

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