One simple yet extremely effective formula that’ll simplify all your coaching relationships, including the one with yourself.

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✅ You'll learn what coaching is and is not with ICF's definition

✅ You'll learn what NLP is and why it's unbeatable to rewire your brain for success

✅ You'll learn why NLP and Coaching Skills are the most transformational skills for a lifetime

✅ You'll learn my magic formula to create any change in your life and simplify all your coaching relationships, including the one you have with yourself

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Meet Your Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®

Shiny Burcu Unsal is the Founder of Academy of Neuro-Shine Technology™, Global Award-Winning Mindset Coach, Licensed NLP Trainer, ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC)™, ICF Accredited Advanced Coach Training Provider, Course Author and Top-rated Instructor of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Communication Strategies at UCLA Extension, Author and Speaker.

Shiny Unsal Licensed trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming and ICF Certified Coach
Richard Bandler with Shiny Unsal Neuro Shine Technology


"Shiny is a unique person with a unique creative style. She has taken her life and her wisdom and laid out something you haven't seen before! I totally recommend her as one of my world-class Licensed Trainers for you to learn NLP from."

Tony Robbins hugging Shiny Unsal Neuro Shine Technology


"Shiny is a high energy, go-getter, success meets fulfillment personality. She knows how to create change, including her own. She even changed her name to "Shiny" when she recreated her new life with her new mindset and her new identity! What does it tell you? She is a great example of being amazing, and I know she's gonna kick ass in business!

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You are one step ahead to become a Shiny Mind!

Shiny Unsal | ICF Coach & NLP Trainer

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