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What Are The ICF Coaching Skills by shiny unsal

What Are The ICF Coaching Skills

Jul 28, 2022

Today we're talking about coaching skills and how they benefit you! It is important to know that there are differences but also overlaps. ICF stands for International Coaching Federation, and it is the institution that screens all the coaches in the world so that they all have the same quality standards, ethics, and core competencies. ICF has 4 categories and in these 4 categories, there are 8 coaching skills.



The first category is the foundation, and being able to create a strong foundation, requires two
coaching skills.

  1. The first coaching skill is ethics. It comes from demonstrating ethical practice when co-creating a partnership with a client in a thought-provoking and creative process to maximize their potential. It is essential to remember a coach’s ethical responsibilities because ethical principles are the most important core competency that coaches need to apply. 
  2. The second coaching skill of this category is demonstrating a coaching mindset. A coaching mindset requires having an open, curious, and flexible mind to create a safe, judgment-free environment for your clients. A coach with a coaching mindset holds space for clients and asks questions, so they, together move towards a solution in the future.


The second category is called co-creating the relationship, and, in this category, you need to
have three skills.

  1. The first one is being able to establish and maintain agreements. It is important that as a professional coach, you must have agreements when you work with your clients so that everybody is clear about their expectations. How the coaching session will go, how it will serve each other, and that way you manage expectations.
  2. The second skill you need to have in this category is cultivating trust and safety. It is so important for you to create security. If you know anything about Amygdala, the part of your brain that is responsible for seeking threats, six times (in a) a second, you need to be able to establish that trust and safety. Therefore, you don't create this unsafe environment when you are working with your clients. Your clients need to have safe working with you, which is a big skill as a coach.
  3. The third skill you need to have in this category is maintaining a presence. It is so important that you are focused. You are there now. You are not somewhere else in your mind thinking something else, but you are truly listening. You are paying attention and are absolutely 100% committed to the relationship you build with your client. 


The third category is communicating effectively; in this category, you need two skills.

  1. The first one is listening actively. Listening is a great skill, and there are levels of listening. When you listen actively, you also get to hear what they are not saying.
  2. The second skill you need to have is being able to evoke awareness in your client. What I say in my Neuro-Shine technology language, you need to create Neuro-Shine moments for your clients. So that they elevate their consciousness, and become more aware of who they are, what they do, and why they do it.


The fourth and last category is cultivating learning and growth, and the skill you need to have as a coach is the facilitation of growth. What does that mean? What do you work on together with your client? It is a learning process and integration to who they are after your session with them. They are absolutely more with what they have explored, what they have discovered, and what they have learned. Now they are more so that they can achieve more.

So those are the four categories and eight skills. You need to have a coach at the highest level at the International Coaching Federation level. If you would love to learn more about coaching skills and how you can become an ICF-Certified World-Class elite coach. Please click the link below and find out more about my training, where you get to learn NLP and get certified as a Neuro-Shine Technology coach.

If you are ready, let's talk more! Made with love β€οΈ for a better world, with more love β€οΈ and #ShinyMinds.

by Shiny Burcu Unsal


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