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How to Destroy and Calm Anxiety Shiny Unsal

How to Destroy Your Anxiety in 5 Minutes

May 19, 2022

How many of you feel anxiety? How do you feel anxiety? When do you feel anxiety? With whom do you feel your anxiety? Under what circumstances do you feel more anxious? What makes you triggered and go into that anxious type?

These are some questions that you want to ask yourself to understand the patterns around your anxiety. So, if you look at your human Psychology, your beingness as a whole. We have this nervous system and this anxiousness; this anxiety comes up as a sign, as a symptom. It is not the problem itself; it is the symptom of another underlying issue that you have, and that’s why if you want to destroy your anxiety, you got to understand why this is happening.

I will give you a straightforward technique: my favorite formula that I created in my Neuro-Shine Technology, which is CHANGE=AWARENESS X WILLINGNESS. You got to be aware and willing, and these are the two steps we’re going to talk about.


Become Aware of your Anxiety


To become aware of your anxiety, you got to study it, literally! Whenever you feel anxious, does it come up as this feeling like this pounding feeling maybe in your heart, is it in your guts, is it in your throat, like where is it? Where do you feel your anxiety? To whom and where, and when exactly do you feel it? As I said, you need to know your patterns, and you got to know what exactly you are saying to yourself. You got to see what you are doing before and after you feel the anxiety. And that way, you can actually create clarity and context around this anxiety, and that’s how you become aware. 


Willingness to Destroy Anxiety


You got to increase your willingness, and you got to commit to destroying your anxiety. And how exactly do you get to do that? Aren’t you already aware of your patterns and the context and what you say to yourself? 

That’s exactly what you’re going to use, you will reverse engineer all that, and you’re going to turn that negative talk into an empowering one. You got to understand the context around that anxiety, and you’re going to catch yourself before it happens. 

You will add some positive emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, and opinions and mix & match everything to destroy it. You’re going to distort it and destroy it, and this will become your best friend. Why do I say your best friend? Because when you understand someone, don’t you feel that you are close to them? Therefore, you become like besties. 


Becoming Besties with Your Anxiety

Imagine becoming besties with your anxiety. Whoa! What a concept, right? So, when you become friends and close to your anxiety, you can actually form a different relationship.


Power of Breathing

You can add breathing, so please practice breathing. Sometimes you are out of oxygen. Practice deep breathing, and then calm yourself down.


Gratitude and Appreciation

Tell yourself nice things, beautiful, empowering, loving words, and appreciate. Because gratitude and appreciation are the highest levels of emotions that you can experience in the universe phase, that’s exactly what you need to destroy the low-functioning, low-level vibrating anxiety, my dear friend.

Whenever you feel it, you can keep doing it again and again. What do you think about it?

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