Shiny Galactic Coaching Package

I believe that you are here with a purpose in your heart. A purpose you brought to life from other stars and galaxies, when you came on earth. You just might have forgotten it. And my mission is to help you remember your soul's purpose so that you can live fully, love deeply and create your impact uniquely.

Get a supportive hand from a Global Award Winning Coach, who is also a Licensed NLP & Coach trainer to help you gain even more clarity, courage and confidence so that you can unlock your true potential and show up as your best self in life!

MONTHLY COACHING 120 minutes of Exclusive Personal Shine Coaching Session ($1,000 value

Your package comes with your very special, personal coaching session with me :) So you will enjoy my award winning shiny & happy success coaching for 2 FULL HOURS every month, 30 min every week. (We will schedule a time that works for both of us)

FREE ACCESS to "Reprogram Your Mind for Success with NLP" online course ($367 value)

  • A 9-module life-changing course on how to use the power of the mind to live our dreams

FREE ACCESS to Assumption Busting online course ($47 value)

  • A 3-module video course that teaches you why your mind works with assumptions and how you can use them to your advantage for the rest of your life

FREE ACCESS to How to Get What You Want by Just Talking Smarter online course ($47 value)

  • A 3-module video course that teaches you how to master your language and keep getting what you want from everyone around you!

FREE ACCESS to Effective Goal Setting online course ($37 value)

  • A 3-module video course that teaches you how to set your goals inline with the way your mind works so that you get instant motivation and enjoy both planning and implementation

I coach and lead individuals to their goals and shining power within! No matter what your goal is, I Be-Live that it’s not the resources but the resourcefulness that makes the difference and helps you get what you want in your life. And I am here to help you become more resourceful in your thinking. I even got awarded for my intergalactic mind technologies that I offer in my coaching :) So you are in very awesome hands. Just fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride, all the way up!

And here are some areas that I can really help you with:

  • Goal Setting, Achievement & Success Coaching
  • Shiny & Happy "Dream Life" Coaching
  • Personal Power, Warrior Mindset & Motivational Coaching 
  • Communication & Relationship Coaching
  • Career & Purpose Clarification Coaching
  • Personal Branding & Expert Positioning Coaching
  • Productivity, Time Management and Effectiveness Coaching
  • Metaphysical, Quantum Thought & Big Picture Perspective Coaching

Just tell me which area I can help you with and get ready to rise and shine with me! :)

This is the best deal you can get for this fabulous coaching package! 

CONGRATULATIONS for your wise choice! :)

$1,995+  ONLY $997 per month

XOXO, Shiny Unsal