How To Bust Any Assumptions & Why?

  • 3 high quality 30min videos:

What if I told you that the biggest secret to your success is to be able hack into other people's brains and see, hear and feel what's inside? What technique or tool would you use to achieve that?

It's basically what interpersonal communication is. Two or more humans with their own personal computers in their heads, exchanging data in and out, in and out... Until they reach to an agreement, or disagreement. And when we agree, the data from the two different worlds match with each other! Which is not an easy task to achieve :) And when we don't agree... Oh my goodness, we do everything in our power to defend our point of view because we assume our way is the better way :) Or how we think is right and they are wrong!

Well I have got news for you! Those assumptions we have, and the others have, they all need a nice intervention to uncover WHAT ELSE might be the possibility :)

In my language, I call this ELEGANT intervention the "ASSUMPTION BUSTING" technique! :)

Human brain is designed to communicate in a certain way, so that it can decide to agree or disagree or stay neutral. And "assumption" is a factory setting of our brain, that we are born with, to make sense of the world we live in :) But, it can limit our thinking, our vision, and our understanding dramatically!

And that's why you want to LEARN how to BUST all those assumptions, including your own ;) to open up your vision to unlimited possibilities and unlimited choices you can make, right here, right now! TODAY!

Enjoy your "busting" course and keep on shining and smiling :)

XOXO, The Shiny One