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Why I Work With NLP

Feb 15, 2019


Personal growth, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology. Those are many words from the same family, and I have always been fascinated by the way they can influence our shiny minds. In this post, I will tell you a little bit about my passion for NLP Training, Coaching, and Personal Development, and also why I love it so deeply.

In my early career, I went straight for Marketing as my call, because the mystery about how the mind reacts on different campaigns, got me triggered. In marketing, I was really able to work with the top brands in the world, such as Coca Cola, Unilever, UPS, Burger King, Avon, BP, Audi, etc. and dig into influential communication, the psychology behind it and the effects on our decision making as consumers, when we read and hear certain things in a certain way… It was very intriguing, indeed…


The tragedy in 2006

After several years of great achievements in the advertising world, my whole life stopped for a moment in 2006. I was on my way from Los Angeles and home to my family in Istanbul and I was so excited to finally see my parents again. My always loving and supporting mom, and my very ambitious and believing dad, were both ready with open arms to welcome me.

Unfortunately, that warm welcome never happened. The hug I was expecting from my dad never happened. The affection from his eyes, showing me how proud he was, never happened. The love I felt for him, I never got to share with him. That day, he disappeared forever.


My dad died unexpectedly, on a heart attack, and no signs in the universe had told me about what was about to happen. He was my biggest emotional support from since I was a little girl, and I remember how I would sit on his lap, while he would tell me how I was going to become a very special, well-educated, confident, and outgoing woman.

Those moments were some of my best memories, and later I found, that those were also some of the earliest mind-programming moments, which I remember.


What Effect Does It Have, When We Talk To Ourselves?

After my dad passed away, I couldn’t believe how such a loving and kind man could pass away because of nothing. Because of nothing! Really?! There had to be a reason. There had to be a solid reason and an explanation to this! And so, I began searching…

I started shifting my focus from how the mind works with external communication – both verbal and visually, over to the internal communication. What effect does it actually have, when we talk to ourselves? Well, I didn’t know but I was determined to find out!


Throughout my journey, I went back to the life as a student and I studied my way through some of the most well-known and acknowledged Universities and institutions in the US. I studied Metaphysics, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, and Kabbalah. I became NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner, a Licensed NLP Trainer, attended all of Tony Robbins’ seminars, as well as working with Brendon Burchard, Bill Walsh, and Success Resources. All of this, just so I could get my mind clear about what happened on that night in 2006.

The journey was amazing, and perfectly in the spirit of my dad, who always encouraged me to learn and explore. A special eye-opener was Neuro-Linguistic Programming, where I realized how the mind, body, and heart is affected by the way we talk to ourselves. Unfortunately, I also realized here, that exactly the wrong internal thoughts and bad communication, eventually was what killed my dad. The dark mind…


How To Achieve Anything We Want

It was a brutal conclusion, but also a pushed me to determine that I would never let my shiny mind go dark.

As I dug deeper into neuroscience, I became fascinated about the fact that by thoughts, the right questions, and constant programming of our minds, we are able to achieve anything we want and BE anyone we want.


So I’ve decided to put it into practice as the main part of my life. I’m committed to mastering myself, my mind, and all it takes to be the best version of myself! 

Today is a new day. I AM more grounded than ever. My self-management is even higher than ever. What is different? I’m slower in my pace. I’ve changed my language about life, from ME & I to YOU and WE. I’ve stepped up to become a GALACTIC LEADER and a servant leader, to serve humanity to elevate their consciousness!


I AM the DNA of our universe and I want YOU to feel that too! It’s my mission in life to make everyone own their power and unlock their true potential!


By attending at my NLP Trainings, I can promise you that you will never suffer the same destiny as my dad. You will be able to control your shiny mind and keep it shining and growing forever and ever.

In my NLP Trainings you not only get certified NLP Practitioner, but also a Certified Coach with ICF’s CCE units and Practitioner of my own Neuro-Shine Technology™.


Let’s co-create the future together! Let’s make some wonderful minds shine!


Take a look at my NLP Training – I can’t wait to have you on my team!



You have the power to Be, Live and Believe anything you want. Be-Live in U! Let Your Power Shine Out!



Shiny Unsal


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