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What Is Contextual Intelligence and 6w1h method by shiny burcu unsal

What Is Contextual Intelligence?

Aug 18, 2022

As part of my Neuro-Shine Technology™ mindset principles, one of my favorite topics / concepts is Contextual Intelligence. Because, when you think about human behaviors and how you give meaning to those human behaviors, you'll see that there is always a context in which the behavior has value.So, when we miss that context, we miss the meaning. If you don’t understand the details of the context, we don’t understand the behavior. 

As part of human psychology and understanding and analyzing human behaviors, Contextual Intelligence is absolutely important and critical as a skill. The good news is that you can develop it. You can fire and wire some cute little neurons in your shiny mind and create this contextual thinking.




I have a very simple yet powerful technique called 6W1H. That is going to summarize what contextual intelligence is to you. The triangle has all the 6 Ws and 1 H, which is about;

How - is about the skills, and how you do anything. If you don't have the skills, then the first to do for you is to go get more skills. Keep yourself with the next level step so that you can actually go, develop used technology, use a little bit of more of your consciousness, and you know, you can create better and more effective rules around your behavior. 

Whereis about the environment. If you have a little cell in your body, the environment of the cell is about where. What goes on in the environment affects the cell itself. That's why we have cancer cells, right? When the cancer cell jumps onto another one, it becomes a toxic environment. So, start with your environment that's why where comes before everything. 

Whatis about the behavior. If that behavior is bothering you, it's violating a value. If it is making you happy, it is probably because it is honoring values. What is specific about that behavior? You want to definitely more pay attention.

Whenis about the timing we discussed. It's about the mood, the mindset, the momentum, and the needs. Why is it important? Because if you need something, you are going to be biologically blocked from seeing the truth. Your needs are going to be more important.How,

Whyis the deepest one of Contextual Intelligence. It's about the mission, the legacy, the beliefs that you have, the standards and the intention, the goals, and the dreams. Everything that you put yourself out there is about your why. Like, you why are hatch at deep level fuel.  

What is the sourceThe sources about the root cause. Okay. It's really about where this is coming from. This is where I talk a lot about the OPOs. Other People's Opinion. If it is not your truth. If it belongs to somebody else. If you don't own it. Forget it. It's not going to stick around. It's not going to be your belief. and

WhoLast but not least, life is not about doing. It's about being. Who you're being, who you're becoming, is the ultimate destination that you are here for. When you look at your behaviors is when you analyze them. Your vision, your future. It all depends on your behavior. Your relationships and your legacy. Your alignment with who you are. It is all about the who.   


Well, when you look at the behavior, behavior is right here, the what. The where is the place, the environment of the behavior. When you look at the skills and the capacity of the behavior it represents the how. When you look at the timing of the behavior, it is about when. When you look at the reason and the intention behind the behavior, those are the reasons. Beliefs, values, rules, goals, vision, and dreams are your whys. When you look at the source of the behavior, do you know what you will see?

The root counts on it.

  • Where is that coming from?
  • Why are you doing that behavior?
  • Is that coming from your childhood?
  • Are you still reacting to your mom and dad?
  • Are you here with me now?
  • What is the source of it?
  • Who is doing that behavior?
  • Is it the little fearful part of you?
  • Maybe that’s not the absolute truth you. When you do that behavior, who are you becoming?

So, if that behavior is not serving, you can go back to the root of it, and then you can choose another entity, another who, and by chunking it down (terminology that we used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming) into little pieces of what, where, when, how, why, what is the source, and who, you understand the context behind every behavior and can make more intelligent, active, and meaningful decisions.

So, there you have it, 6W1H. You can go deeper into them. If you want to actually learn more about I have online NLP and Coach courses covering topics Contextual Intelligence and 6W1H. Check them out.


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