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What Are O.P.O.'s?

Feb 08, 2023

Hello everyone,

Today we have a very interesting topic, an acronym that I came up with: O.P.O. (Other People's Opinions)

Did you know that 95% of what you say and do, and even how you live your life is pre-programmed?

This programming comes from society, parents, educators and others that surround you in the form O.P.O.'s.

Which means that not every belief that you have is yours...not every thought that you think is yours. You can become aware of the O.P.O.'s and change them. You don't need to own them. And it's possible with the simple formula of my Neuro-Shine Technology™: CHANGE = AWARENESS X WILLINGNESS



The inner voice that hear, which criticizes you, judges you, and makes you feel like you are wrong. Whatever you do, it's not enough. Whatever you do, it's always wrong.

Sometimes you are in the middle of a conversation. And this thought just like if you put it on slow motion, it's coming to you and it's telling you, no, you shouldn't have said that, you are wrong. You know what I'm saying? That is an O.P.O. They come and interrupt your thought process. They interrupt your inner peace because there is constant judgment and there is constant critic.



If you are pre-programmed to please others, go along and agree with what other people say, then you are going to find yourself automatically forced to agree with someone else, and if they don't agree with you, you are going end up feeling shameful. You are going to end up feeling embarrassed.



Conflict is where you have two parts now. You have two voices internally. One of them says, I wanna do this. The other one says, I wanna do this. And they are in conflict.

They actually represent two opposite parts of you. You end up feeling, I so want to say this, but I know I'm going to hurt this person, so I won't. I need to speak up. It's my courage, it's my dignity but you're going to lose that relationship. Don't do it. You know what I'm saying? You will end up having this inner conflict.

Written with Love ❀️

Shiny Burcu Unsal


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