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Emotionally Intelligent Living: Exploring the 5 Key Components

Emotionally Intelligent Living: 🧩 Exploring the 5 Key Components

Oct 18, 2023

Did you know that your heart ❀️ sends more information to your brain than your brain sends to your heart?

Your heart is powerful. Your heart is wise.

And this little piece of information is very important for you, because your brain is very useful when it comes to solving problems, analyzing and being creative; and yet, if you are too much in the head, you lose the wisdom of your heart.

Think about it, when you were born, you were just a heartbeat and you had all the wisdom you needed to become who you are today. Your brain developed later on.

And if you are too much in the heart, then you might lose touch with your cognitive intelligence and that's also not good.

What do you need then?

Well, you need a great balance between these two.

That's why I created my Neuro-Shine Technology™ so that you could combine the power of your mind with the wisdom of your heart to maximize your potential and become very emotionally intelligent.

And now, we are going to talk about 5 components of emotional intelligence.



At the core of emotional intelligence is self-awareness. This component involves the ability to recognize, understand, and manage your own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Self-aware individuals are adept at introspection, allowing them to make informed decisions, handle stress, and foster better connections with others.


Self-regulation is the art of managing one's emotions and reactions. It entails the ability to maintain composure in the face of adversity, avoid impulsive actions, and stay level-headed under pressure. This skill is invaluable for conflict resolution, effective decision-making, and clear communication.


Motivation, a pivotal component of emotional intelligence, is an internal drive that propels individuals to pursue their goals with vigor and determination. Emotionally intelligent individuals exhibit resilience and unwavering focus on their objectives, even when confronted with challenges. Their self-motivation can serve as a beacon, inspiring others to achieve their best.


Empathy is about what I call Level 2 and 3 listening in coaching. When you are a coach, you understand what is level 2, and level 3 listening.

When you know, a little bit about NLP, you understand, building rapport, you understand matching. And you understand that there is a correlation between how you use your brain and your brain waves and how it connects to your emotions through empathy.

Empathy is about using your prefrontal cortex and then integrating all of these parts of your brain together to understand what is truly going on with this person, what is it that I am picking up on? I know they are telling me something but their body language is telling me another thing.

The story is different, the energy shift is different. So, when you focus on empathy, you also need to understand that you need to accept people and match them where they are. And you need to also remember that Delta brainwaves are the source of empathy. 

Delta brainwaves, which means when you go to sleep at night, when you have a good night sleep, did you know that it pumps and actually improves your level of empathy? So, make sure you get a lot of rest.


How are you relating to others? How are you being friends with their amygdala? That is my expression.

You know people have this part of their brain which can be triggered easily. When they feel like they are being attacked, when you use a language that is nonviolent, when you use a language that is actually friends with that part of the brain and then you are being emotionally intelligent.

Actually there is a whole online course that I created about emotional intelligence language so that you can improve your level of emotional intelligence and go to next levels and you know, create some fun, use your humor be more of you bring more joy to whatever you are doing because that's what social skills are all about.

So, there where you have it, you have it, five components of emotional intelligence, by Daniel Goleman.

Made with joy for a better world, with more #love❀️ and #ShinyMinds .

by Shiny Burcu Unsal

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