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Quantum Physics, Determination & Power Of Coaching

Quantum Physics, Determination & Power of Coaching

Jun 09, 2022

Hello everyone,

Let's talk about quantum physics, determination, and the power of coaching in just five minutes today. 

My goal is to shine those cute little neurons of yours by enhancing and expanding your mindset about quantum physics. We're gonna go a little bit galactic in my language and look at the quantum world and those subatomic particles of yours and make a connection between quantum physics, determination and the world of coaching.

How does quantum physics relate to coaching?

The main principle that I believe that quantum physics relates to coaching is through this incredible experiment called the double-slit experiment. If you've never heard about it, please google or watch the youtube video about the experiment. You're going to love it, and it will be mind-blowing. 

According to the double-slit experiment, it decides to act like a particle when an electron is being observed. Yet, when it is not being observed, it has the wave function, like free doing anything that it wants to do. It can be anything, anywhere, with unlimited and infinite possibilities. Therefore, think about it only as the act of observation only when the electron is being observed. It decides to be determined and acts like a particle, bringing that determination onto the table. 

How does quantum physics apply to your real life?

When you take this principle to our world, do you know what we get when being observed? When somebody observes and witnesses you like a coach, you act more determined with your language, behaviors, and decisions. And guess what? You can be your coach, observe yourself, and then decide that you will be determined. You can create a certain action, so you create certainty when only you observe yourself or when somebody observes you. 

Why is Coaching so Powerful?

That's the power of coaching, especially how we do coaching with the International Coaching Federation. It combines this quantum physics (I mean; this is my perspective of course, ICF doesn't claim it, me as Shiny, I am claiming that). The double-slit experiment proves that the act is determined when we are being observed. Coaching is powerful, as what coaching does is observe you. What coaching does is it witnesses you and allows you to become who you want to be. I have these concepts and terminologies like holding the space, co-creating something, and partnering with your clients. 

We go way deeper into the world of quantum physics and your subatomic particles to bring the best out of you. So, for you to maximize your potential my friend, choose coaching. You can hire a coach, or you can become a coach, and you can become your best self. 

It's pretty mind-blowing, right?

We can create a much better world with a lot of coaching, a lot of love ❤️, and #ShinyMinds

Shiny Burcu Unsal

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