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Personal Power

Feb 08, 2017

Your personal power is your ability to take action and create results. This is the cosmic power that you’re born with; it’s already within you! And it can only be utilized through the power of your mind, and the power of your decisions!

So, at some point in life you have to stop evaluating every situation with ins and outs and start doing stuff! Just decide what is the most important thing for you right now, start utilizing your personal power to follow through that decision and watch how fast you will begin to improve the quality of your life!

And also remember, PERSONAL MASTERY is the only path to your Ultimate Lifelong Success and Fulfillment, not dabbling, not stressing nor quitting but mastering yourself! It all comes down to persistent doing, being the name of the game!

And here are 5 steps for you to utilize your personal power:

  1.       Decide what you really want, develop a plan, take action immediately and be flexible.
  2.        Constantly stretch yourself in order to contribute to other people, you have to become more. You have to grow personally or you’ll have nothing to give or contribute.
  3.       The secret to lifelong wealth and happiness is becoming a team player. We will do more for the people we care about than we will ever do for ourselves.
  4.        Stick to your prupose not the outcome. What you think your personal power can take you might look very different than the outcome life has planned for you. So remember your "why" and if the outcome is not desirable yet, keep refining it!
  5.        Enjoy the process! You are bigger than any obstacles and anything that could ever happen to you, so own your greatness, trust life and enjoy the process!


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