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🎯 Manifest The Change You Deeply Desire: The 4 C's Framework for Smooth Transitions from Corporate to Coach πŸ’«

Mar 12, 2024

Hello dear Shiny Minds!😍

With the new season knocking on our door, this week, I'd love to talk about CHANGE.

Change is one of my favorite topics. So much so that I've been intensively researching πŸ§  about the idea of how and why and when we human beings want change, by tackling my own question from 10 different scientific perspectives; including NLP, Neuroscience, Heart Science, Metaphysics and Quantum Physics. 

So far I have collected more than 23,000 hours researching and studying, more than 7,000 hours of teaching and training and another 3,000 hours of coaching and mentoring other coaches on the best practices of creating lasting change in our lives.

So yeah, I do geek out about the topic of change at another level, indeed.πŸ€“


I created a simple but incredibly powerful equation:

But let's go into this thrilling journey of change and growth more deeply together.



It all begins with awareness.
Take a moment to reflect on what you truly desire to achieve.
Clarity is key, so ask yourself:

What do I want?
How do I want it?
When? Where? With whom?
The clearer your vision, the smoother your path to change is. ✨



Keep an open mind and embrace the unknown.
Curiosity fuels growth, allowing you to adapt, flex, and explore new possibilities.
Cultivate a growth mindset and watch as new doors of opportunity swing wide open. πŸ™Œ



Feel the fear and do it anyway.
True courage lies in acknowledging your fears and pushing forward despite them.
Tap into the wisdom of your heart, combine it with the power of your mind, and bravely step into the unknown. πŸ’ͺ



How badly do you want it?
Let your desire for change outweigh any obstacles or doubts.
Stay committed to your journey, knowing that persistence pays off and that every step forward brings you closer to your goals. πŸ’―


Remember, change is not only possible but inevitable when you embody the four C's.
I invite you to embrace the four C's in your own life, to dare greatly, and to step boldly into the future you envision.


Together, let's create a world filled with love, growth, and shining minds.
Until next time, stay curious, stay courageous, and keep shining bright everyone✨


Made with love ❀️ for a better world with more #love ❀️ and #ShinyMinds in it...

by Shiny Burcu Unsal ✨


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