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ICF Coaching Certification Levels

Apr 14, 2022

I am coming to you today as an ICF accredited coaching education provider and answering what is the difference between ICF accreditation levels?"
As a professional coach, why should I care about my ICF accreditation and explain why I should go from one level to the other? I have been certifying coaches, professional coaches, practitioners, and master practitioners of Neuro-Linguistic Programming since the year 2011. It's been a while; I've been around the clock. Therefore, I want to share why you want to get your certification as a coach and your ICF accreditation as a coach. Of course, I will talk to you about "3 Levels of Coaching Certifications by the International Coaching Federation".

What does ACC mean in Coaching?

The first level of your ICF accreditation as a coach is "Associate Certified Coach" or "ACC." ACC means you have gone through 60 hours of minimum coach-specific training approved by ICF by the International Coaching Federation and also

  • You need to collect 100 hours of coaching experience,
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching with somebody who already holds an ICF credential,
  • Pass the 3 hours test that the ICF sent you,  called the knowledge assessment test. 
  • You also have to prove your coaching skills by recording coaching sessions that you have done with your clients.

That's what ACC means. And ACC is the first level of your coaching accreditation as a certified coach.

What is PCC level Coaching?

Level 2 is "Professional Certified Coach "or PCC. PCC means that you have gone through 125 hours of coach-specific training, not 60. ACC was only 60 hours of coach-specific training.

  • PCC requires a minimum of 125 hours of training
  • Requires 500 hours of coaching experience
  • Have your mentor coaching session,
  • Pass the test
  • Pass the evaluation of your recorded session
  • Graduate from an ICF accredited coaching education.

What is the difference between ACC, PCC, and MCC?

MCC is the highest level, but why do you care about these differences? Why do you care about ACC, PCC, and MCC?

  • MCC means that we have gone through a minimum of 200 hours of coach-specific training with an ICF accredited coaching education program
  • and have collected more than 2500 hours of coaching experience.

Yup! You heard me, right. My coaching experience exceeds 3000 hours. Of course, as all these levels, ACC, PCC, with different mental coaching sessions, we have passed the test and proven our coaching skills with a recorded coaching session. That's what MCC means.

Why should you get your ICF accreditation as a coach? 

Here is a simple answer; if you want to go to a hospital, you want a doctor who has graduated from a university, right? You want your doctor to hold a degree to rely on him, and you can depend on his skills, knowledge, and ability to help you go through whatever the health problem you're going through. Right? That's the same thing.

Importance of Coaching Communication Skills

Coaching, to me, is the highest level of communication skills one human being can have. Why do I say that?

Coaching comes with so many levels of training and so many levels skills. And that's why when you work with a coach, you are working with an invisible neuro-surgeon. I'm making a big statement here, but I mean it.

Because if you work with a coach who does not understand neuroscience, psychology, heart science, neuro-linguistic programming, and practical tools for making somebody feel better, you're not doing yourself a good job. You are relying on somebody who believes that you know they have the ability, but they have not gone through the specific training required, the particular exams, testing their power, so you cannot take a risk.

Why do I say neuro-surgeon?

Because when you work with a coach, you open up your emotions, so those are intense levels in your nervous system. Suppose you look at it from the neuroscience perspective, the emotional part of your brain.

In that case, your limbic system is so ingrained in your everyday activities, behaviors, and language patterns. It is so hard for you to move forward with your life without truly understanding it and integrating what happens in it. Thus, only a very well-trained, certified, and accredited ICF coach can help you recognize your patterns and achieve your goals.

What are the distinctions in Coaching?

  1. Coaching is not therapy!
  2. Coaching doesn't take you back to your childhood so that you can heal your wounds.
  3. Coaching takes you as a whole and complete and resourceful individual
  4. Coaching helps you understand what works for you to put all of those working parts together so that you can move forward to become more and achieve more in your life.

ICF accreditation levels, Coaching, and NLP skills

Suppose you want to know more about ICF accreditation levels, coaching skills, and NLP skills. In that case, I am inviting you to check my Neuro-shine Technology coaching program that ICF International Coaching Federation fully accredits.

I'm here to teach you the ability to combine Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro-science, Heart Science, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Quantum Physics, and even Cosmology! You will get a more extensive and deeper understanding of who you are, what you do, and how you can serve others. Please click the link below to learn more about NLP Coaching, or you can contact me anytime if you want to.

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