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How to Turn Your Dreams into Your Reality

Apr 01, 2017

Only when you believe, you can achieve!

6 years ago, I was at the top of my career as an Executive, managing over 100 people in 7 countries, I was very successfull but not really fulfilled. I knew I had a bigger potential, I just didn't know what or where to begin. I started searching. And one day, I went to an NLP Training and discovered the power of my mind. That was my wake-up call. So I took action immediately. I left my comfortable life back in Istanbul/Turkey to chase my American Dream. My dream was to find my life's purpose, do what I love, specifically in the city of angels, and live my American Dream! :)

Here are 3 strategies that helped me achieve my American Dream:

1. To be able to have laser focus on what I want 


I know it is not easy to have laser focus on what you want, when you don't even know what you want. So the first step is to sit down and have a heart to heart with yourself and get crystal clear about what you are really after in life. To help you figure out what you want in life, I have written a book called: You Are A Star! Shine! that you can order from Amazon by just clicking on it.

2. Say "YES" to my fears, emotional pain and uncertainty

FEAR is a scary word. Remember it also stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real in Tony Robbins' language :) Because, originally, your brain's emotional chef, Mr. Amygdala, was designed to keep you away from physical danger by producing certain stress signals (fear) to the rest of your brain so that you are physically safe and sound. But when time and the society we lived evolved, amygdala did not! Your emotional chef Amygdala started mixing other things, such as uncertainty, worry, doubt, unknown future situations and unfamiliar behaviors' of the people with "real danger" and "real fear" that is needed to physcially survive. And it kept sending those distress signals to the rest of your brain, causing you to go into automatic fight-flight responses that you don't even understand or are aware of! So what you know as FEAR in your automatic, subconscious levels of your brain may not even be real for you when you think about it with your critical parts of your brain my friend. So you might wanna re-evaluate what you label as fear and also note that what you fear will make you grow! 

3. Say "NO" to anything if it was not aligned with my dream

Saying NO may not be your favorite activity in life, I get it. But here is a quick tip of how you can easily measure everything if it deserves a definite NO and how you might even like saying it: Think about your ideal life and how it makes you FEEL. Make sure you feel it with every ounce in your body until it makes you smile :) Keep that feeling inside and think about the activity in hand, when you are done with it, will it give you the same ideal "feeling" inside? Or something close? If not that's a definite NO my friend. I learned this the hard way but it became my favorite "dream feeling" measurement, and it helped me stay away from distractions. And as I did that, I felt better about myself and felt on top of my game, so I totally enjoyed saying NO to anything that deserved a NO :) 

After applying these 3 strategies, today, I am not only living my American Dream, but also helping others achieve the same, as an awarded Life Coach and a Thought Leader. On Friday 3/17/17, I was in New York to receive my award as one of the 40 most influential Turkish Americans under 40, in US. What a rewarding "dream feeling", right? I am on cloud #9 and I totally love my life!

So, I encourage everyone who is reading these lines, to listen to your heart, be serious about your life and say YES to your dreams!

XOXO, The Shiny One 





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