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How To Start Your Own Meaningful Business


I have 4 ideas that I would love to share with you to start your own meaningful business so that you can sit down and work on yourself, discover who you are, who you want to be, and why you need to create your own business. Not only your own business but your own meaningful business, right?

After COVID-19, we don't live in the same world anymore. We live in a different world. That's why you truly want to understand what you want and how you want to live your life and how you can create a meaningful business around your values, around what's important to you and your loved ones.

So, if you're ready, Let's begin! 


Get to know yourself 

What do I mean by that? You got to observe yourself, observe your behaviors, and look at yourself as an outsider. When you look at yourself as if you are watching your movie, you can become more aware of yourself and what you want to do in the world. You can take notes and realize what works for you and what doesn't work for you.

Why is that important? Well, in my Neuro-Shine Technology, I had one straightforward formula, which is CHANGE = AWARENESS x WILLINGNESS, so by

  • Becoming aware of who you are,
  • Getting to know yourself,
  • Understanding your patterns,
  • Understanding your daily habits,
  • How you want to live your life,

You're going to become more aware, and you put some willingness to it. Boom! You're going to create it.


Understand your values

This is about understanding what is truly meaningful for you. Well, let's talk about meaningful means. Meaningful means something is crucial for you, and that will make a massive difference in the way you live your life and the way you are satisfied with your life. The quality of your life, days, hours, and minutes. How are you going to experience this journey called life? And to maximize this quality, you got to understand the values.

You know, the values of freedom, maybe you care about joy, your integrity is the most important, maybe creating a legacy is important, maybe you want to be creative.
Whatever those are for you and a tip, you can Google some tools and some research, and you can read what those values are because sometimes you may not come up with that word, that terminology, but once you see that in front of you it is going to make sense and you're going to say Ah-ha! That's it! Loyalty is essential, and I need to create a business around commitment, creativity, and freedom. You got the point!


Research and interview other business owners 

When we cannot go outside of our thinking, we might feel limited with what we have, which is not the best place to start a business, especially a meaningful business. When you interview other business owners, you can learn about their struggles, their challenges, what they have gone through, what they know of those challenges, and how they are coping with these everyday challenges. And you can also learn what works for them and what doesn't, and you can implement their strategies.

That is also a part of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you model what works and what success, so you can take it when you see what works. When you see it doesn't work, you can leave it. And when you interview other people, you also need to remember that every person is unique. So, you need to practice what I call "contextual intelligence" and become aware of who they are, where they are in their lives, and what kind of life they are living? So, what works for them might not work for you. Or what doesn't work for them might work for you.

You have to be very aware and mindful of every situation, and that's how you can build resources and apply those resources to create your own meaningful business.


Create a real business plan

Why do I say real? Because I see it, I see it from my students and clients. When you are in a wishy-washy place and are unsure, you want to do something, but you don't take action; that is called "visual thinking".

You do not want to have visual thinking, and you want to be accurate; you want to be committed and mean business, okay? The business plan is going to stay with you and be alive even after you're gone.

If your business is your legacy, then you need to own it at the deepest level, and that's why you need to create a real business plan. It would be best to put everything you've learned about yourself, your values, your research, and interview other business owners, and you need to sit down and get clear about what you want. That is the only way to become your own meaningful business.

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