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How To Start Your Coaching Business

How To Start Your Coaching Business

Jun 21, 2023

Hello everyone!

As an ICF accredited coaching education program provider, I've been teaching NLP skills and coaching skills and certifying coaches, NLP practitioners, master practitioners and professional coaches since 2011.

I've personally trained and mentored more than 700 corporate leaders and certified 450 coaches in more than 50 countries by now. And I can tell you that there are some success patterns and some action steps that you can implement if you really want to create a coaching business.

I can tell you a lot about being a coach, having a coaching mindset, how to improve your coaching skills and how to create a coaching business. I can also share best practices, by looking at what worked for my successful coaches from more than 40 countries in the world. And I can also talk about my own coaching and training business and tell you how I did it, what worked and what you can learn from my experience.

And today, I’m going to do just that and share 4 ideas with you, to help you start your own coaching business.

If you’re ready, let’s go! 


No-brainer, right? So, if you want to create a coaching business, you have a start by having coaching skills. What does it mean to have coaching skills? 

I will talk about ICF core competencies, and International Coach Federation has all these regulations and standards for every professional coach in the world. And suppose you want to create a solid, inspiring, meaningful coaching business. In that case, You have to start by improving those coaching skills, communication skills, and mindset principles and build yourself up as a coach

But not only as a coach who does coaching professionally, but you also want to invest in coaching, communication, and leadership skills and create this identity as a coach. 

But not only, as a coach who does coaching professionally, but you also need to shape this identity, this coaching identity, so well that you're not coaching. You are being a coach and being coaching. 

You shouldn't be forcing yourself to do something. But you should allow yourself to have these coaching skills, principles, and programming to flow through you, and of course, it's going to take time, right? 

I became a certified coach in November 2010, and we are in 2023. So, you can take it from me. It's going to take a while. But of course, where you're in life, your maturity level, your understanding of human behaviors and psychology, your experience in life, your emotional intelligence, everything matters, right?

You must always remember when calculating your time frame and your paths in building yourself as a coach when investing in your coaching skills.


Let's say that you have invested in your coaching skills and understand communication at a higher level.You understand human behaviors at a deeper level, and you can cultivate those relationships with trust, safety, groundedness, wisdom, and empathy, right? You have all those skills. Guess what?

These are necessary prerequisites. But these are not enough because we're talking about creating a business.

You also need to invest in your business skills. Creating a business is so different from creating yourself as a coach because creating yourself as a coach is about identity, your belief systems, and your personal expectations and goals.

Business skills are mostly related to strategic thinking, critical thinking, a money mindset, and having a little masculine energy when needed.

It would help if you stepped into power.You need to stop into your strong version, make decisions, move forward, and do it as a business, especially if you're doing this as a business with profit, not a non-profit.

Profit is about creating a machine that generates money, income, and profit so that you can keep it going. And that requires you to be comfortable selling, and you can be okay with talking to people about what you have to offer; those skills are different than coaching skills. That's why. As you invest in coaching skills, you also need to invest in business skills. What does it mean?

You may need to study different types of businesses. If you want an LLC or a corporation or a partnership, or if you wish to go solo, you need to understand how they differ when paying tax.
How do they get back to you in your life and to the quality of your life? You need to look at it from a legal perspective. What does it mean to have a business and how do you own it? And you know what I mean?

There are so many moving pieces, so you also need to study business. And you need to invest in those skills.


Well, because of our world today, it is so socially impactful and personally meaningful to create your course and your program and share it with others.

So, I want you to look at creating a coaching business as a step-by-step approach. 

  • The first step was investing in your coaching skills, done, you know, that you have that, you're good at that. 
  • Two, business skills, you've studied it, understand what you want, where you are, and how you want to move forward. 
  • Thirdly, we're talking about creating something with your skills that becomes your product. Because when you create a coaching business, and if you're only relying on having one-on-one clients, that may not be as scalable as you wish it to be. 

That's why I recommend you create your online course or program and package it, make it valuable, and make it very transformational so that people want to learn from you. And they want to become a part of your mission, and you also have something to sell.  


Promoting what you create requires a ton of marketing knowledge, and you might need a team for that, or you might automate everything. 

It all comes down to your marketing skills. So, promotion can be at a small scale. Like you don't need to get scared, and you don't need to get overwhelmed because it's too much. 

Oh, what will I do with social media, email marketing, or Google? You can choose one of them and start with just one approach, just laser focus, create a product and create a media to share it, and go from that path, okay? 

When I started my coaching business, my strategy was "word-of-mouth Marketing." I decided to be a great coach with a significant impact. And I wanted to make a difference in people's lives, and I made sure I delivered value so that people could talk to each other, and that way, that's how I created my own business like that. 

So, you might start like this, or you may begin with an online course or an offer you give away. It depends on who you are. And how you want to design this coaching business.

Made with love β€οΈ for a better world, with more love β€οΈ and #ShinyMinds.

by Shiny Burcu Unsal



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