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How To Reframe Negative Emotions

How To Reframe Negative Emotions

Apr 05, 2023

Reframing is a very powerful mindset tool in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to transform anything less than empowering into definitely empowering.

It's absolutely very important for all of us to leverage this NLP tool every single day in our communications with ourselves and others, in order to feel empowered, in charge and take full responsibility of our lives.

As a Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®, I feel responsible to inform everyone about the impact of their thoughts, language and how they deal with their emotions on their mental health and overall happiness in life.

Which brings me to the topic of emotions. Let's talk about our emotions, shall we?

The way I look at emotions is that, they are our beloved personal messengers, carrying important messages for us to listen, learn from and move forward with. Even when they are negative.

Think of your emotions as symptoms. You know how you eat something and if your body has a reaction to it, you get physical symptoms? Like stomach pain, rushes or head aches? Just like that, when you have a negative emotion it is a symptom of a thought, behavior, conversation, something that bothered you.

Picture this in your mind, all of your human emotions are laid on a spectrum. On the left side of the spectrum you experience negative emotions, like fear, anxiety, frustration or sadness. As you move closer to the center and you come to 0 point, you feel neutral. As you move towards the right side, you experience positive emotions like curiosity, compassion, excitement, happiness and joy. Do you see it?

So, if you are able to picture your emotions like that on a large spectrum from -100 to +100 with shades of colors and vibrations, and if you can move your emotions from the left side to the right side, just like moving an item in your home, then you'll feel empowered! And that's how you can reframe them!

Wanna hear my tips to reframe your negative emotions?



According to statistics, people express about 4 or 5 emotions during their lifetime! A lifetime! So that's where we need to begin. We need to know what we are feeling, what is the name of that emotion, how to identify them. So I believe we need to get more educated about our emotions. 


They are a part of you! They do have a right to exist in this universe, just like you do. Plus, their existence can only happen through you and to teach you a lesson. If you never appreciate them, you'll never "get to" experience them and grow with them.


You might be like, how? Well, just like you communicate with anyone else, you can communicate with your emotions. Sit down with yourself and ask your emotions, and really listen to what they say, what message they give. Don't try to win them over, don't debate, don't argue, don't ignore. Just listen. But really listen. To hear, understand and appreciate.


This one is my favorite! Really :) If you give your negative emotions love and appreciation just like you'd love to receive them, they will feel heard and appreciated. And trust me, the minute they are heard and loved, they will stop bothering you. If you give them an identity, a look, a face, a voice and then literally hug them with appreciation, they'll stop stopping you and they will start empowering you!

I hope this helped.

If it did, please share it with someone who needs to see this. Because we can totally make this world a better place together.

Made with love for a better world with more LOVE β€οΈ and #shinyminds.

by Shiny Burcu Unsal


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