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How To Have Self Confidence

Apr 10, 2019


What is success? When are we successful? and how do we measure the success of others and ourselves?

Well, it’s a difficult scale to work with, and I bet, that I’m not the only one who are looking up to someone else, who has been dreaming of achieving great things in life, and who has wondered
When am I successful?


When we measure ourselves against others, we also play with our inner self confidence. “Am I good enough?”, “Can I achieve the same as he or she does?” .. Yes darling, we’ve all been there and to be honest – this is NOT a bad place to be at all! In fact, it’s the best place to be! Life is all about exploring and expanding ourselves, and in order to keep our personal development going, we need to intentionally compare ourselves to others, so that we can get inspiration and ideas on how to improve ourselves.

But darling, remember – comparing can be dangerous for your self-confidence, if you look at all the things you haven’t achieved yet, instead of looking at all the possibilities of what you can achieve!

And you might feel it already, but exactly self confidence is a very important matter to me! This is also why my message to the world is to “Be-Live in U”, and it’s all about self believe and self-confidence. In fact, I could tell you hours and hours about what to do and what not to do, but I’ve decided to share just 2 simple points, to get you on track with your self-confidence!

So, listen up my dear!


Fake it till you make it

Yes yes, I know you might be thinking “Come on Shiny, this is so cheesy!”, but actually it’s not because it’s true. Think about it for a moment, when you started driving a car for the first time, did you know exactly what to do? I don’t think so, and did you maybe kind of fake it to make it work? I definitely believe so!

You were probably looking at your mom, your dad, and your friends to see what we’re doing, and then you could try to modal their behavior in order to copy their results – the good driving. True?

So, what you can do whenever you want to start something, whenever you are dreaming about someone else’s success or achievements you simply just have to fake it! ..

Fake it, fake it, fake it!

And then don’t think about what other people say or think, but just go ahead and copy others behavior to achieve the same great results as they have, and I’ll promise you that you are going to rock it baby!


The Confidence & Competence Loop

In the world of personal development, coaching, NLP training, and of course my own shiny world, there is something that we call the confidence/competence loop. What it means is, that there is only one way for you to build confidence and that is to achieve competence!


The dear Mister Tony Robbins says; Your repetition is the mother of your skills, and by that he means that the more you repeat something, the better you’re going to get at it, the more competent you’re going to be at it, and therefore you’re going to feel more confident at it – does it makes sense? I hope so 😉


So, to wrap it up I want you to go out, and find someone who is getting great results, big achievements, and who has some of the success that you’re looking for. Start modeling their behaviors and faking it the best you can. When your repeat, and repeat, and repeat their behavior, you will gain a lot of competence in the field which will give you a lot of confidence, and boom – your self confidence is now at a shiny galactic level!


So that was my shine to your lovely mind, and you can go watch the video right here!


I hope, that you’re going to go and take an action right now, because remember that your personal shine starts right in your mind, and your mind needs and action to shine! If you are in need of guidance, I’m always here for you with coaching and advices, and you can see all my coaching packages here on my site.


If you’re ready for even more action, take a look at my online NLP trainings so that we can keep your mind shining and grow your galactic awesomeness!



You have the power to Be, Live and Believe anything you want. Be-Live in U! Let Your Power #Shine Out



Shiny Unsal


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