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πŸš€ How to Grab Attention, Build Trust and Deliver Awesome: βœ… 4 Secrets to Create a Magnetic Personal Brand for Coaches

Mar 06, 2024

Hello Dear Shiny Minds!

Today, I'd love to talk about PERSONAL BRANDING.

One of my favorite topics! πŸ™Œ

If you didn't know, I worked with Fortune 500 brands like Coca-Cola, Audi, Kotex, Avon, etc. for over a decade, managing their multi-million dollar marketing campaigns before I started my own business and created my own personal "shiny" brand ;) πŸ€©

Then I also personally helped hundreds of people build their personal brands and launch their coaching business for more than a decade.

Well yeah, I might look 25 πŸ˜˜ but my overall experience in the world of communication and brand marketing is almost 25 years by now ;) 

So, I do have a lot to share about branding + positioning + messaging and then packaging them all together as your ultimate power: YOU!

Branding is closely connected to understanding the psychology behind how people behave.

Your thoughts and words also shape your reality, which affects all parts of your personal brand, from how you look to how you talk to people. πŸ’‘

I'm excited to share with you today the four main pillars of personal branding, which will give you a new way to think about creating your own personality.




Your personal brand tells the world what you plan to do. πŸ“

What promise do you make?

Think about how you want your goods or services to change people's lives.

Your personal brand should clearly state that you want to make the world a better place.



Building trust is the most important thing for any brand to do well. πŸ’ͺ

That is something most company lacks.

The most important thing is to earn the right—to build credibility and authority.

You can boost the trustworthiness of your brand by using reliable sources like schools, certifications, customer reviews, and industry groups.



To recognize and remember a company, it's important to be consistent. πŸ€™

It is very important to create a business identity that works together, including color schemes, logos, and language.

Just like multinational agencies carefully lay out brand guidelines, make sure your brand's personality is strong across all platforms by being consistent.



Having charisma is the key to having more impact. πŸ˜‰

Develop your charm to get people to trust and believe in you.

A charming personality not only brings in customers, but it also helps you keep the promises you make with your brand, which builds relationships that last.


Personal branding is, in the end, a process of self-discovery and improvement. 🎯

You can create an interesting brand personality that sticks with your audience by focusing on the four Cs: Contribution, Credibility, Consistency, and Charisma.


Are you ready to start this life-changing journey?

Today is the day to start building your personal brand! πŸ’‘

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πŸ‘‰ Remember, your brand is not just a logo—it's your story, waiting to be told. 🌟


Made with love ❀️ for a better world with more #love ❀️ and #ShinyMinds in it...

by Shiny Burcu Unsal ✨


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