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How To Find Your Caling, Purpose by Shiny Unsal

Neuro-Shine Moments™ Hugging 🤗 Your Truth and Owning Your Calling

Sep 27, 2023

Hello dear Shiny Minds!

Today we're talking about YOUR SOUL'S CALLING.

If you've been wondering about what your calling is and searching for your purpose in this life time, your big "why" you exist... this week's video is for you!

Even if you are already living your true calling today, just to polish your impact in the world, you might wanna ask yourself these questions to deepen your vision of life:

💎 What do I believe about life?

💎 What do I believe about humanity?

💎 What do I believe about making a difference?

💎 How do I create my impact in the world?

💎 What are my unique talents and skills?

💎 What problems can I solve?

💎 How do I leave my legacy behind?

As you keep asking these questions you will be able to go deeper within yourself and hopefully experience a Neuro-Shine Moment™ of truth to help you tap into your true calling.

Plus, I have 4 unusual ideas to help you 🤗 your truth in your heart!




You had no fears about life when you were a little kid, a little boy, or a little girl. You wanted to take over the world. You had dreams, and nobody told you otherwise because you didn't have that helplessness learned, hopelessness, or fears and doubts.

You were you, your authentic you, and you were closer to your calling when you were little. Maybe you've forgotten time because all the experiences you experience in life meet, and you rethink, recalculate, and reorganize your life, maybe around fear.

And if that's the case, you are far away from your true calling, and that's why you want to go back to your little self and have a discussion and ask;

What did you like doing when you were growing up?
What did you enjoy?
What kind of activities?
What made you excited?
What put your soul on fire?

Ask these questions, I can assure you. It's going to be helpful.



Because it's a part of what makes you unique and it's part of what makes you closer to your true calling.
Your talents are going to be different than your friends. Your skills are going to be different than your colleagues.

And what is put into your heart? It's no coincidence. It's no accident. It is for a reason for a bigger cause, and it is your duty to understand to put it all together, integrate it as a system and ask yourself what do I do with my talents? What am I really good at? What are my natural skills?

Maybe some people have such a hard time doing something that you don't even think about.  So those talents and skills reach you for a reason because, by default, they were given to you because you need them to find your true calling.



While studying for my first degree in international relations, I loved the topic Ethiopia by Thomas Hobbes. Actually, I remember I used to imagine my version of the ideal world, not the world we live in, making me an idealist. I'm aware of that.
If you're anything like me, this will be a great activity. Just imagine your ideal world;

What kind of world would you love to live in?
What kind of behaviors would you love to see in people?
What is the biggest problem you see right now in the world that we live in?
Why is it helpful?

Because not it you know what your ideal work. Now that the biggest problem is clear for you, hello, now, you can solve that problem, and that can be your true calling.



Excuse my Neuro-Shine Technology™ language. Galactic self means that it is something bigger than you, that is something larger than life. It is connected to the cosmic quantum field because there is energy. There are always ones and zeros in the field, right?

 You may not be tuned into the rhythm of the universe. Still, if you can, you are going to receive, or you're going to begin receiving, those messages that are coming from the universe.
You might want to start meditating, and you might want to sit down and journal in a peaceful place to keep receiving information from your galactic self.

Your galactic self is either your future, your ideal, or your cosmic self.

However, if you want to look at the end of your life, you will disappear. You're not going to be on this planet earth anymore. And ask this question yourself. How would you like to leave this world? What would your galactic self be? Your ideal self? Tell you what to do. That might be your true calling.

Don't forget to watch the full video for more!

Made with love ❤️ ️for a better world, with more #love ❤️ and #shinyminds in it ...

by Shiny Burcu Unsal


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