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How To  Communicate Your Negative Emotions Intelligently by shiny unsal

How To Communicate Your Negative Emotions Intelligently

Sep 07, 2022

Today, I would love to talk to you about how to communicate your negative emotions intelligently. Because some of us are too much in the head and some of us are too much in the heart. That's exactly why I created my Neuro-Shine Technology™ as a combination of the power of the mind and the wisdom of the heart.



If you know you are too much in the head you need to drop into your heart and you need more empathy, and more heart intelligence to understand people, and appreciate emotions in order to get ahead in life.

And if you know you are someone who is a bit too emotional and too much in the heart, then you need a little bit of logic, a little bit of thinking, cognitive thinking.

So when you combine the two and create a balance, now you have the perfect ingredients to communicate your negative emotions intelligently.

When people are hurt because of the negative emotions they experience, they tend to hurt other people. I'm sure you heard it: "hurt people hurt other people". And that happens because a) they lack self-regulation, which is a very important emotional intelligence skill, and b) they are unable to decode that negative emotion and what it really means to them.

And I have some very effective strategies to help you communicate your negative emotions intelligently both to yourself and others. Here they are:



Most of the time we are not even aware, of how we are feeling; even if we are, we don't know the name of that specific emotion.

  • If you're feeling angry, maybe you're saying you are furious. 
  • If you are feeling frustrated, maybe you are saying I'm annoyed. 
  • If you are feeling annoyed, maybe you're saying you're angry. 

You need to identify how exactly you're feeling so that you can label it to move on to the next step.



When you take full responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, the language of your emotions, decisions, actions, and behaviors about your emotions, then you are fully in charge. 

Think about it, nobody has the power to do open heart surgery on you and put a negative emotion into your heart, right? It's your system. Your brain and your heart communicate together and your consciousness decides which feeling you'll feel at any moment. So you are in charge. 

And when you are in charge, you get to make all of your decisions, including how to feel. Don't you wanna be in charge? You wanna be in charge.



It's true that some people have bad intentions and they are literally unbelievable and unbearable, I am with you. And still, yet, it's not good for you to keep dwelling on that. Trust me it's much healthier and much better to assume the best in others; if you want to communicate your negative emotions intelligently and contribute to creating a better world together.



Open-ended questions are powerful and transformational. Especially the ones starting with What and How. They create instant breakthroughs. When you reframe your negative emotions as open-ended questions you empower yourself and others and become more intelligent about them.

Here is an example sentence to apply all these four strategies in your communication and communicate your negative emotion intelligently:

BEFORE: You broke my heart. (complain and blame)

AFTER: I know your intention was good. And still what you did today made me feel really uncomfortable. What was in your mind? (1. identify what's going on 2. appreciate that it's going on 3. assume the best in that person 4. reframe it as an open-ended question)

This type of communication is going to save your heart breaks and help you with your business agreements, relationships, friendships, career moves, promotions, opportunities, great memories, making money creating a life you want with more freedom, influence, joy and so much more!

If you keep communicating in an unintelligent way by blaming people, complaining, and making them feel guilty, as you'll be triggering people's amygdala, they'll automatically go into the defense that's never gonna work.

Understanding, accepting, and communicating negative emotions is a skill that'll help you for a lifetime! Because we need more people with these skills to make this world a better place, with more love ❤️ and #shinyminds.

Shiny B Unsal

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