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How Do I Find The Right Coach, ICF certified Coach Shiny Unsal

How Do I Find The Right Coach

Aug 04, 2022

International Coaching Federation fully approves my seven-day NLP and coach certification training programs. Whoever finishes the seven-day in person or 12-week online training successfully, gets to call themselves a coach.

And I have three tips for you to find the right coach for you!


What do you want to achieve by working with a coach? What kind of outcomes will you get working with a coach, and how will you measure these outcomes? Please become very specific about your goals.


Ask about their experience and specialty, and maybe talk to some of their clients as referrals. Make sure that you know who they are and if you are a good match with them.


In order to become an ICF-certified coach, this was the first step. After the training, they still need to go ahead and serve a minimum of 100 hours as a coach and get the experience. After they get that 100 hours of experience, it is time to work with a mentor coach. After working with a mentor coach for 10 hours for three months, they need to submit two recordings of their coaching sessions so they can be screened according to their coaching competencies.

ICF screens all the coaches before they get certified. When they have those core competencies, they must also pass the exam. After they pass the exam, they are now in the process of getting certified and credentialed by the International Coaching Federation. So, by going through all these specific processes, ICF-certified coaches are committed to professional excellence. So, you can expect world-class service when you are working with an ICF-certified coach.

You might want to check ICF’s website, which has an ICF credentialed coach finder. And you can search the qualifications, skills, location, and demographics of the coaches that can work with you.

So, I hope this information served you, and I hope you can go out there and find the right coach to become more and achieve more.

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