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How Could Will Smith Turn His Anger Into Compassion? | Anger Management

Mar 29, 2022

We are all very shocked to see Will Smith's lack of self-regulation on Sunday night at the Oscars. And we wonder why… What happened? How could he lose himself and slap to Chris Rock? What else is going on that we may not know?

And I also want to talk about how this could have been avoided. Which leads us to the topic of human emotions and, more specifically, anger management. You can take a moment and within 2 minutes, you will find yourself grounded with more love and compassion, Ready?

What causes people to get angry?

Anger represents the past; think about your experiences, and think about why you have emotional anger. Your hormones regulate emotion. And hormones are regulated by the parts of your brain responsible for your survival. If you think about why you have that suppressing, that heavy emotional anger, you have some non-serving meaning in your mental files. When you experience something and if you don’t know how to label it in a way, in your mental library. If you’re labeling, if the language around the experience is negative and it’s about darkness and a non-serving base of living, then it will create that anger and that is going to represent the past, whereas compassion.

What are the elements of compassion?

When you tap into your compassion, it’s about now, accepting, and the future. Anger it’s about exclusion and compassion is about inclusion. Anger will make you feel, “Oh, you did this to me because of that, that happened.” So, it’s an unhealthy way of excluding behaviors and creating that exclusion because you did this, and I am this, we are exclusive, we are not together. Whereas, compassion is about inclusion. 

Anger is about me. Compassion is about us. Because compassion accepts the person where anger judges the behavior of the person. Where fear and anger are about lack of faith. Compassion is about faith and abundance. When there is abundance and infinite possibilities, there is no lack of belief, disbelief, or denial. 

Anger vs. Compassion

In anger, you will find disbelief, lack of faith, denial, and refusal. When you compare anger and compassion and have a choice in your life, anger will create problems; can you see that? It is a place of lack, and it is a place of blame, and it’s a place of dark emotion, and with that dark emotion, in that dark place, it is much easier for you to fall into a victim mentality.

If you turn anger into compassion, it will be much easier for you to create what you love in your life. It is going to be much easier to develop relationships that will make you happier in your life. When you have compassion, it will be much easier to create the life of your dreams because you will be in your shiny mind.

Tools to help with Anger Management

Life is going to throw problems at us. Life is going to surprise us. And that surprise is not necessarily going to make us happier. So, we need to prepare. We need to get ready. And here's how you can get prepared, with this very, very easy practical tool to tame your temper:

  1. This tool combines neuroscience, heart science, cosmology, and the existential philosophy of my Neuro-Shine Technology™. Anger has a reason to live, and so has compassion. The reason for anger to live and exist is to give you some feedback to educate you about something that maybe you have not seen before. Anger is there to provide you with a Neuro-Shine Moment™, and if you remember this very simple philosophy, anger is there to give you feedback. That’s it. Game over. You win! 
  2. You need to take a nice deep breath, and the reason you are taking a deep breath is because think about it. Breath is unconscious. So, you are not in charge of your breath all the time, but when you focus on your breath, now you are also in charge even of your breath. So, when you are in charge and conscious, you create your own reality. You are co-creating your reality, and that personal power is why you need to focus on breathing.  
  3. Once you have that deep breath, now you create that in a different reality, from that reality you can start communicating that anger and ask your anger, what is the feedback? What are you telling me? What are you reminding me of? I am here to accept. I am here to learn and grow with you. And how that fast, angry will give you some sort of feedback in terms of images, sounds, or feelings. And after you hear it, accept it. Now, you can turn it to compassion, where you can understand the person you were angry at or give compassion to yourself that you’re angry at. 

You can always tap into this very easy heart locking technique. I hope you will apply this every time you feel angry because that is not the place you want to live. You don’t want to live in anger in a dark mind; you want to live in a shiny mind.

A word from Shiny Unsal

Whatever the reason for your anger or frustration, you can always turn that anger into compassion because you can never forget that life is happening to you. And compassion is going to show you beautiful ways to live your life on your own terms.

And here is my reminder, life is a beautiful game, you can play on your terms successfully, and it’s your time to maximize your potential and become who you are meant to be.  Because we can only make this world a better place with more love ❤️and #ShinyMinds.


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