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Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb 08, 2017

We are in February and this month is very well known with its Valentine's Day special :)

So when we are all about valentine's day and the feeling of love, it is a perfect time for us to discuss the topic of LOVE.

Lets start with one simple rule:

“Nothing of lasting and measurable value in life can be created without absolute commitment.”

Think about the elements in chemistry, my favorite ones are sodium and chloride :) They are so in love and so committed to each other forever that together they form their romantic unity that we know as SALT. And they mean business! They are in this unity eternally because they are both committed. Think about we never have a day without the existence of salt in the nature! What a commitment right?

So if it is in the nature and if the cehmical elements can do it, which means we can do it! Then lets do it! Lets commit to our relationships and lets choose LOVE over anything else in this week of valentine's day!

Because we know, the quality of our relationships comes down to the quality of our commitment to making it work.

Stay committed and in love my friends.

XOXO, The Shiny One




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