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πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Contextual Intelligence Explained: A Guide for Leaders and Professionals πŸ’•

Jun 13, 2024

Hello dear Shiny Minds!😍

Today, we're going to talk about an interesting subject: CONTEXTUAL INTELLIGENCE.
This idea is one of my favorites because it helps us understand why people do the things they do by looking at the bigger picture.
We miss the message when we don't look at the whole picture.
Now, let's talk about why contextual intelligence is important and how to build it using a simple but effective method I call 6W1H.


Understanding Contextual Intelligence with 6W1H

Contextual intelligence is all about understanding the details behind a behavior.
To help you grasp this concept, I’ve created a technique called 6W1H, which stands for What, Where, When, Why, Who, and How.
Let's break it down:


The action in question is what this is about.
Does it bother you or make you happy?
It's very important to pay attention to the details.



This refers to the place where an act takes place.
Just like cells in a body are affected by their surroundings, human behaviors are influenced by the context they happen in.



It's all about timing.
Behavior can be greatly changed by one's mood, thoughts, and wants at a certain time.
Being aware of this can help you figure out why someone acts the way they do.


4. HOW

This talks about the skills and ways that were used.
If you don't have certain skills, you should work on getting them so that you can behave better.


5. WHY

This is the most profound part.
It has to do with the purpose, beliefs, standards, and goals that drive a behavior.
Your "why" is what drives you.



This is about where the behavior comes from.
Figuring out where the problem came from helps you solve it.
Is it from your youth or something that happened not long ago?


7. WHO

Finally, this is about the person who did what they did.
You can see the bigger picture better if you know who is acting and why they are acting that way.


Applying Contextual Intelligence

When you use 6W1H, you can better understand the context behind behaviors, leading to more intelligent and effective decisions.
For example:


Analyze the specifics of the behavior.
If it’s honoring a value, it’s likely a positive behavior.
If it’s violating a value, it may cause issues.


Consider the environment of a behavior.
A toxic environment can lead to negative behaviors, just like how a healthy environment fosters positive actions.


Understand the timing.
The right action at the wrong time can lead to problems.

4. HOW

Develop the necessary skills to improve your actions and reactions.

5. WHY

Dig deep into your motivations and beliefs to understand your actions better.


Look at the source.
Understanding where the behavior is coming from helps address the root cause.

7. WHO 

Reflect on who you are becoming with each behavior.
Your actions shape your identity and your future.


So, there you have it—an introduction to contextual intelligence using the 6W1H technique.
By understanding the context behind behaviors, you can make more meaningful and intelligent decisions.
I hope this resonates with you.
Remember that you and I are going to make the world a better place by being contextually intelligent. 🌟


Let’s keep sharing happiness and growing our #ShinyMinds together. ✨

Made with love ❀️ for a better world with more #love ❀️ and #ShinyMinds in it...

by Shiny Burcu Unsal ✨


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