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An Inspiring Leadership Story

Apr 28, 2022

Hello everyone!

Today, I would love to share a very inspiring leadership story that I think will inspire you and make you think twice maybe about your decisions, especially about your leadership decisions.

It doesn't matter where you are in your life. You can lead teams of thousands or many kids at home or with your friends. No matter where your leadership story is, this will be, I believe, a fantastic story.

This is a leadership story where a woman experienced something unique about herself and her own leadership skills. You'll love it.πŸ₯°

A Leadership Story

And the story goes like this:

She goes to an event attending with 200 people, and she knows that it's a leadership training and wants to have fun and maximize her own potential. She is curious to know what she can create for others, so she observes the environment, looks at the people, wants to sit in the front, and grabs a seat.

When she is sitting in the front with other personal and professional development enthusiasts, she understands that there is competition. There will be two groups at this event, and these groups are going to have a leader. At the end of the training, one of the groups will win. And it will depend on:

- the group's engagement

- the energy they bring to the room

- the contribution they are going to make to the room

Therefore, her first thought is to scan the room and join the powerful team. Why? Because she wants to win. She enjoys winning. She enjoys a good competition where she can show off her leadership skills and talents, lead the team, join the winning team, and celebrate!πŸ₯³ Go home as a winner; that is the first thought.

On the other hand, she is also invited to a group of other people where she sees that there is less power, maybe there is less expression, maybe there are fewer skills but a lot of room for growth and contribution. And so, now she can make a choice. She can go either way. She wants to join the powerful group but she also saw an opportunity for growth and contribution in the other group.

Do you know what the magic does? She's chosen as the person in the second group. Where she saw the opportunity for growth!

She does a lot, engages with the group, and puts them together. She creates activities, chants, songs, and fun times and brings out her best. She invites them to dance, connect, meet, develop ideas and strategize!

Next thing you know, she feels like none of it is working because the other group is powerful and connected. And she is still losing and is not seeing the result she wants to create.

Thus, there goes a challenge; there goes a time for a day, two, three, or four, and this event is for seven days.

Towards the end, she starts seeing something different in the group. She starts seeing the bonding because they're done many things together. And she is literally not sleeping; she is taking more responsibility. She's been there early in the morning and leaving at night, definitely bringing joy, energy, and connection to the group.

Towards the end of the training, she sees the difference: people are bonding, having fun, and feeling safe and trusted, feeling like a family.πŸ₯°

They're all having fun together. It's not about the competition anymore.

It's not about who is going to win.

It's not about who will make the most significant difference or contribution.

It's all about joy and bringing together this energy and the feeling of community and family.

And so, something magical happens, and most of the people in the powerful group leave; they're all gone all of a sudden!

And at the same time, both groups are called for a big mission.

These two groups will compete, and whoever brings the most energy to the room, will win. But, until that time, the powerful group always won because they were powerful, crowded, more experienced, and always had a lot of energy...

However, last day, the universe brings its magic together for some reason, and many people in this group leave.

And in her group, people are already bonded and feel safer and connected.

And guess what? They bring the magic, they bring the joy, and they bring so much fun and love to the room. And they end up becoming the winner! πŸ₯³

The Moral of The Story

The moral of the story is that; where she actually wanted to belong with the powerful ones to go home as a winner, she was chosen and called for a bigger purpose, a more significant meaning. That meaning was to give hope to the other group, show them what was possible, and show them that with more love, positivity, determination, and connection. It was possible to flourish, improve skills, and connect, bringing something different.

Another moral of the story is that; she never loses her faith and keeps her group together even though it didn't work initially. Even though she felt like a failure initially because the other group kept winning, they kept going stronger, and it was not happening for her group. She kept on going. She invited and ignited the hope, and it was a big win, success, a big love.❀️

So, the lady in this leadership position was me.

It was an amazing story, and it was a fantastic experience for me to bring home from Fiji in 2020. That was one of the most amazing times that I've ever had in my entire life as a leader. Even though I could lead big teams, even hundreds, it was never the same.

This was an amazing experience where I saw people go from not talking to each other to connecting and becoming best friends. And I saw people not sharing their light and their shine with each other to going on stage and dancing like crazy as, you know, chickens with their heads cut off. It was just so much fun to experience that!

And I will never forget this experience.

This is my leadership story.

I was inspired by what I was able to create because I felt alone in this journey to lead that team of hundreds. But I felt so much love, hope, and faith inside of me in the end.

I hope you are also inspired by listening to the story. And I also hope that you always remember that there's always more in life. There's always room for more. More love, more faith and more joy.

Shiny Conclusions


I'm genuinely looking forward to helping you grow, become your best self and live your best life on your terms, in your Shiny Mind.

And it’s our time to unlock our true potential and become who we are meant to be! Because the world needs us, leaders, more than ever before to make it a better place.

And for that, we'll all need more LOVE ❀️ and our SHINY MINDS.

With love,

Shiny Unsal


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