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Who Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Apr 04, 2019


Do you remember when you were a kid, and someone would ask you; Who Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? I certainly remember that question, and I remember how the answer would always be something crazy or funny!


Today a lot of people find themselves struggling with exactly that question. What to become and what do I really want in life? A lot of them forgot what they answered as a kid, and they forgot to follow their heart. I’m pretty sure that no one said “I want to sit in an office and send e-mails”, even though a huuuuuuge part of the world is doing that every single day πŸ˜‰


Once I was struggling with the same thing, and I found 3 simple steps on how to find what I really wanted in my life;


Step 1: What would you do for free?

First, I want you to think about what you would do for free. If no one gave you money, and you had to work every single day with no paycheck, what would you do just for the fun of it?

Take a pen and paper, and simple make a list of all the things that you would do for free. You might like to dance, to sing, to paint, or to chat with your friends. It can be any of those, all of those, or a complete list of something different. The only thing you have to remember is – nothing is to silly to put on the list and trust me, you CAN get paid to do it!


Step 2: Talk to you 5-year old version of yourself

What I did was, that I asked my 5-year old version and I said to myself; Dear little Shiny, when you didn’t have any negativity, any learned helplessness, and you didn’t know about anything that could limit or stop you, what was your biggest dream? What would you like to do, when you grew up?”

And believe it or not, she answered me! She found all the answers I was looking for by showing me a ton of pictures from my childhood. The little 5-year old Shiny wanted to play! In all the pictures I was singing, dancing, having a microphone in my hand and I was having FUN. All the time I was in some kind of show, where I was entertaining and communication in one way or the other – one thing was for sure, I was in the spotlight!

That was a very big a-ha moment for me, and by watching all the pictures from my childhood it gave me a big clue on what to go after in my life. You can do the same thing, and by finding out what your 5-year old version loved to do, you might find the answer to what you’re missing in your life today.


Step 3: Make a list of your talents

Last but not least, I want you to make a list of your gifts, your skills, your natural talent and what you’re good at. Again, take a pen and paper and start writing it down. And the writing is actually important, because that make it more real to you, when you see it right in front of you.

If you can’t figure out what to write, you can start by asking you friends, family, people you’re surrounded by and maybe even people you work with. Ask then what you’re naturally good at, because not only do you want to find outs fun to you, but you also need to be good at what you do! When you’re good at something it will not only be easier for you to enjoy, but it can also create a bigger meaning to you and therefore you can create a bigger contribution to the world we live in.


So, that was my shine to your lovely mind, and I hope it helps and I hope that you go and take an action right away, because as you know your personal shine starts right in your mind, and your mind needs and action to shine.


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Always remember, that You have the power to Be, Live and Believe anything you want. Be-Live in U! Let Your Power #Shine Out!



Shiny Unsal


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