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Ever wondered; Where does my personality come from?

Jan 25, 2019

Have you ever asked yourself the question; where does my personality come from? And wondered, whether you could have chosen differently?

I have my dear, and I will now tell you about, what we in Neuro-Linguistic Programming call, “Your Belief System”, which is the inner core of your personality.


Who created your personality?

Let me start with how your beautiful mind works, because many young and adults ask themselves; Why am I like this? And why do I always do like that?


Well darling, you’ve probably heard about the metaphor “The Tip Of The Iceberg” a couple of times, and I am going to use it here as well. The tip of the iceberg, is the behavior and the language we see from people. It’s the way you talk and the way you act. Not only it is a part of who you are, but also the first impression you give to people, when they meet you.


The part of the iceberg which is under the surface, is all your wonderful beliefs and values. Your beliefs and values are your inner core, and these are almost unchangeable - remember that nothing is impossible darling, but it would take hard work πŸ˜‰ 


Your belief and values are all the created from the experiences you’ve had and are influenced by the people you’ve been surrounded by. Especially the people from when you were a shiny little child. In fact, according to NLP, everything that happened in your life between the age 0 and 6, created who you are today and the beliefs you carry. Isn’t that just amazing?!

Ask yourself; Where does my personality come from?

Now, take a second and think about how your belief system was created. Think about the patterns you’ve followed from your friends and family. The goals, the hobbies, and the ambitions. I’ll bet you, there are more than you think.


  • Were your parents neat, and now you are too?
  • Was your parent’s business minded, and now you are too?
  • Was your dad a carpenter, doing financials, or a doctor, and so are you today?
  • Are your friends sports and health focused, and so are you?


If yes, then you see what I meant above and how you’ve been influenced by your wonderful surroundings. If no, and you feel that everything is the complete opposite, there’s a good reason for that too darling.


We chose to simply delete the part we don’t like

As humans we tend to first observe and compare ourselves with what we see and experience. If we like what we see, we copy and paste it into our own world. For example; Your dad is a doctor, and so are you. A simple real-life copy/paste.

If, on the other hand, we observe something we don’t like, we chose to simply delete it. Afterwards we destroy it, in a way so it fits our personal gut feeling, and at last we implement only the part that we like. This now becomes a general part of ourselves, and it becomes a part of our belief system and our values.

For example, if your home was very strict and neat when you were a child, and you didn’t like it, you’ve maybe deleted that from your adult life. The strict rules are maybe destroyed into a looser way of living, where strict rules only apply in specific situations.

That way, you have now deleted, destroyed, and implemented a childhood experience, so that it becomes a part of your new personal beautiful belief system. Amazing, right?

While reading this, I hope that you’ve have a chance to think about your own childhood experiences. Not only what you experienced, but also how you’ve either copied, destroyed, or deleted the experiences into your adult life.


And remember my dear, nothing is set in stone just because you haven’t deleted or destroyed anything yet!


You are who you choose to be, and you shall always let your power shine out!


If you want me to help you with your shiny inner power, you can always come to one of my NLP trainings, where we work on your belief system and so much more! It will be a lot of fun – I promise!


And if you can’t wait, you can always get the FREE Mindset Training to start working on your beautiful mind.


You have the power to Be, Live and Believe anything you want. Be-Live in U! Let Your Power Shine Out!



The Shiny One


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