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4 Exceptional Leadership Skills

Leading with Purpose: ❤️ The Impact of Intentionality in Leadership

Oct 11, 2023


Welcome to this blog post on leadership, where we'll explore the profound impact of intentionality. With over a decade of experience teaching Leadership Communication Strategies at UCLA Extension, I've narrowed down the essence of exceptional leadership to four key elements. Let's delve into these exceptional leadership skills that can transform your approach.




 When you hold the space for someone, it means that you allow them. You let them be whoever they are. You don't judge them, you don't criticize them, you don't tell them what to do, you don't give ideas. You just allow them be. You just let them be so that they are free to choose. They are free to become. When you observe someone, that activity of observing is actually creating reality. 



 No matter what happens, in times of crisis, in times of chaos, in times of struggles, challenges, problems, you are not shaken. You are strong, grounded and solid. You need to give people hope. You need to give them optimism. You need to give them faith.



 You are clear with your intentions. You have clear goals and outcomes. You can calculate risks and possibilities, and you can analyze and choose the most effective strategies. You are intentional with your actions, your intentional with your words, your tonality. Everything is intentional because intention is a force of nature and it's an exceptional leadership quality. 



 Leaders with heartfelt commitment, they are going to move forward, continue, commit, and finish and see that finish line. Everything in general needs to be consistent for you to become an exceptional leader. 




 In conclusion, intentionality is an integral part of leadership excellence. By setting clear goals, maintaining unwavering optimism, and making intentional decisions, leaders can inspire and empower those around them. Remember that intentionality is a skill that can be honed over time, providing remarkable results.


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