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How To Stay Positive When Everyone and Everything is So Negative

Mar 28, 2019

Have you ever found yourself surrounded by negative people, and thought about how you keep yourself out of their negative beliefs, and asked yourself: “How am I supposed to stay positive?”

Well, I certainly have darling! And I want you to know that you are not alone. We live in a world filled up with negative people, who tend to focus on a glass being half empty instead of half full.

I’ve gathered two techniques for you, to help you stay positive and focus all your energy on your shiny lovely personality and dreams.


Technique 1: SWISH / SMASH

First, you’re going to reach out your left hand, with the palm facing upwards. Now, you place today’s version of yourself in your left hand. This is the version that’s sorrounded by all the negative people and negative thoughts. And make sure, that you’re not missing anything darling, that’s important! See all the people you don’t want to see, hear all the things that you don’t want to hear, and feel all the negative things that they make you feel. Include it all with anything that’s bothering or frustrating you, and out it in your left palm.

Afterwards, you place your ideal and awesome self in your right hand. Make it so alive, so irresistible, and so fun so that you can really see yourself, feel yourself, and hear yourself in your ideal version. The right hand is always representing our future (unless you are left handed or using your brain in the opposite way for some reason), and that’s why you want to put your ideal-self in the right hand. It’s all about moving forward and searching for change, baby!

So, now is the time to make the negative side disappear. To crush the thoughts and feelings, and to let the ideal-you take over. Look at your hands and see the two different sides of your world.

First visualize, how the negative stuff in your left hand becomes smaller and smaller, just like a tiny needle top, all black and white, ineffective. It becomes lighter and lighter. It becomes worthless, weightless and meaningless as you shrink the image in your powerful mind and take yourself out of it.

Now, visualize how all your positive stuff in your right hand becomes bigger and bigger. It becomes more noisy, more fun, and more colorful. It’s a whole Fun park with positive and excitement energy! This is the IDEAL YOU you want to experience in this life time! Let the excitement take over your body, your mind and your soul. Double the feeling! Triple it! Get inside that amazing, compelling, magnetic picture of your ideal self! 10X the feeling! You can do it! You got this!

NOW!! Let that compelling ideal self image on your right hand smash the unwanted memory / behavior / image /sound on your left hand rapidly and in a quick snap! Simply take your gigantic Fun park and smash your tiny negative world, with one big fat clap! BOOM ! SWISH ! SMASH! BANG!*#@!

How did it feel? Fun, awesome, releasing, relaxing, exciting? No matter what feeling comes up, just remember that you have the power within you, to smash the negative voices, people, things and surroundings out of your life, so the only thing that you’re left with, is your awesome self with everything you want to see, hear, and feel!


Technique 2; Intentionally Positive

Have you every heard Mister Tony Robbins say, “Where the mind goes, the energy flows”?

That is exactly what I want you to do now. You’re going to focus deliberately on the positive side of everything and that’s it. A very simple technique and here is how it works.

You’re going to push away all the negative stuff – of course I know, that negative stuff is going to be in your life one way or the other, but you have to simply push them away. You’re going to say “Thank you for visiting, but I’m not taking any applications for negative stuff these days. Goodbye.” And then, you get to have fun with your awesome, lovely, happy, and shiny world.


My secret to staying positive

Can I share a secret with you? This is exactly how I do in my everyday life. I know that there’s a lot of negative stuff in this world, so I choose to stay on the positive.

This is my 4 simple rules for a positive life

  • I don’t watch TV
  • I don’t talk to people who I believe can fill me up with negative information
  • I don’t read newspapers or magazines where I believe they can block my positive mind
  • I don’t necessarily do anything that I don’t like

I know it’s a challenge when you first start, but it’s simple and it works honey!

So now you can choose which of the techniques that suits you the best; is it the SWISH or to stay intentionally positive?

No matter what you choose, there’s no right or wrong, you just need to find what works for you, and what keeps you in a positive flow, because “When you’re in the flow, you simply glow”


I’ve made a video to share these techniques with you, and you can find it right here on this page


If you found this fun and useful, I have a lot more videos to share with you here on my site, and also my online NLP courses and Live NLP Training can give you tool and techniques to Master Your Self Confidence, Effective Communication and Influential Leadership Skills.

Always remember, that You have the power to Be, Live and Believe anything you want. Be-Live in U! Let Your Power #Shine Out!



Shiny Unsal


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