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How To Build Your Inner Team

Jan 26, 2023

How to create an inner team?

An inner team is those parts of you, you know they talk to you. Sometimes you do something and that inner voice tells you something. Then another inner voice tells you another thing.

They are a part of your team.

I want to talk to you about your team. So you can get the best on your team.



This team member is responsible to observe everything that you do, everything that you say, and everything that you don't do and you don't say.

This observer is recording every second and it's literally analyzing all of those moments. It's kind of like a witness to your life. 


This part is really hard to satisfy because it is always going to ask more from you. There will be a ton of demands. And this critical part of you is always going to find flaws, what can go wrong, how you can get better, how you're never enough.

This part tends to sabotage your wins. Watch out! So, make sure your critical gets a ton of training from your consciousness.


You know that part of you, whenever you tap into your heart, you can find a reason why you love your life. Why you love other people. Why you appreciate every single moment. This part is precious. 

According to heart science, love, appreciation and gratitude. They are the highest quality of emotions that you can ever experience and they even call them regenerating emotions. When you tap into your inner appreciator. You can use it to heal. The inner appreciator maybe needs to have longer conversations with your inner critical part.


This part of you, gets you going, gets you motivated. We're never going to give up. You're doing a good job. That part that cheerleader we need this part.

This part is so dopamine driven. If you know a little bit about dopamine from neuroscience, that neurotransmitter is also called the chemical messenger. Whenever you have a goal whenever you have attachment to achieve that goal, dopamine kicks in. 


This part within you which is always going to confuse you. It is going to doubt your abilities and it is going to ask you can you really do it?  How's it going to turn out? Are we going to lose it? This part is fearful. This part is conflicted. That's where it confuses you.

In this confusing part, you need to train this one. And you need to give the confuser the clarity that you desire. As you see, you have a lot of parts of you, and they give you messages all the time.

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