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Is coaching like therapy?


Have you ever wondered what the difference between coaching and therapy is, and have you asked yourself; What is coaching? Before entering the enormous world of coaching, I was asking myself the same question, and now I want to clarify for you.


Coaching has become extremely popular throughout the past years, and it seems that more and more people have some sort of coaching education added to their resume. Some are motivational and inspirational, some are mostly personal where others mostly professional, and yet others focus on spirituality and religion. When it comes to coaching, I would say that no topic or title is right or wrong, it’s all about the way it’s being used, and to make sure that personal development is in focus.


The most common mistake, when people think about coaching is, that it’s the same as therapy. And let me make that clear to you – coaches are not therapists! 😉


What is the difference between therapists and coaches?


A simple definition of therapy says that “Therapy, also called psychotherapy or counseling, is the process of meeting with a therapist to resolve problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, relationship issues, and/or somatic responses (sensations in the body).”


This also indicates, that therapist focuses primarily on your problems. This often includes a lot of talking about your past, to be able to understand the problems you’re facing. This can be a really good way for you to unload what’s on your mind, in order for you to have a clear head, to be able to move forward and away from your problems.


The definition of coaching, it is to be “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today's uncertain and complex environment.”


This definition indicates, that coaching is much more a focus on your future instead of your past. The past will also often be a part of a coaching session, since this will clarify your personality. Your past experiences are the ones who formed you, and those are the reasons for the habits and behaviors you have today.


During a coaching session, the main focus and goal is to learn about your strengths – and most importantly, that you realize all your strengths! With knowledge about your behaviors and strengths, coaching is a process for you to be able to master your power, so that you can outlive your true potential.


Are you ready to unlock your true potential?

Yes?! Then I am ready to make your mind shine! 


I have been working with wonderful people around the world for more than 10 years, and I would be more than happy to work with you too! I love the power of the mind, and I will promise you that if we work together, you will:

  • Be a lot more aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • Gain clarity of your needs and values
  • Identify your life’s purpose
  • Take full responsibility of your decisions
  • Learn how to remove your mental blocks & limiting beliefs 
  • Ask better questions and get better results


Doesn’t that sound tempting? Yes, I thought so 😉

Let me help your mind to shine and for you to outlive your true potential!


You may now take a look at my different coaching packages and choose the one that fits you best. And let me tell you, since this is all about you, I am willing to find the solution that fits you the most, so please reach me at [email protected] if you have any questions.


You have the power to Be, Live and Believe anything you want. Be-Live in U! Let Your Power Shine Out!



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