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5 Ideas To Get And Stay Motivated

5 Ideas To Get And Stay Motivated

Mar 15, 2023

Today, I would love to talk about 5 ideas I have for you to get motivated and stay motivated. 

Why do I want to talk about motivation? Because we need it. More than ever now.

You know, with the Covid-19 world right now, we cannot escape it. This is the new world. Some of us are going to work from home or, maybe we are choosing to do that, in this new world order. 

So the question is, how are we going to adjust? How are we going to get and stay motivated when it's not that easy anymore?

I believe motivation is your internal fire. You need to ignite it. Sometimes you need something internal to ignite it; and sometimes you need something external. And I have 5 ideas to cover both.


Your brain needs a destination to get you motivated and that destination is your goals or dreams, whatever the vision is. You have to be clear.

You ask yourself, where do I want to go? What is my direction? Where am I going and why am I going there? Once you're clear about these things, then you can set the goal and you can begin the journey of motivation.


Your brain wants to be useful, your brain wants to be productive, and if your brain wants that you gotta give it to it. Your brain is going to generate dopamine for you, serotonin for you. All of those chemicals, those hormones, those are what you need to get motivated.

Your brain needs progress. You need progress. Progress is going to get you motivated, is going to get you excited, and you're going to feel the momentum.


Talk to yourself and empower yourself in the mirror that's what works for me because you need eye contact with yourself, and that's why you need to go in front of the mirror, and you need to talk to yourself.


And as you write down, you actually double program your beautiful brain to achieve those goals. And imagine what you are writing now is your small wins. That's exactly doing it yourself, not only verbally as a self-talk, but also writing it down, journaling it, and integrating your brain power with it and doubling it down. 


Your brain needs to be appreciated, to be rewarded. That's why you need to celebrate. If you're not celebrating even the small things, no wonder why you are not feeling motivated or why you are not keeping your motivation right.

I hope you're going to not only get motivated and also stay motivated.

Made with LOVE ❀️ for a better world, with more love and #ShinyMinds in it...

Shiny Burcu Unsal


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