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4 Unusual Ideas To Get Motivated

Sep 03, 2020

Motivation is a topic that is going to be in our lives as long as we live because whatever we do we need to have motivation to do that. And we also need to stay motivated.

And it's not always easy to get motivated, especially these days with the lockdowns and shutdowns on again and off again, we tend to lose motivation and it gets even harder to keep that beautiful flow of motivation going and stay on track.

Sometimes we get stuck in negative thinking and we might say "hey, it's never gonna work, so why even bother?"

Sometimes we feel like there is a ton of uncertainty and it's never easy to move past that and overcome all of these uncertainties. And so we start doubting ourselves.

That's why I want to talk to you about motivation today and to begin with I want to tell you that motivation is an inner work. It needs to come from within. Yes there are ways to get motivated externally too, but still, that external force needs to ignite something in you.

And I have four ideas to share with you that might help you get and stay motivated:

  1. Inspiration time
    • You need to block time to get yourself inspired. Maybe a book πŸ“–, a movie 🍿 or an activity like going to a spa or a walk or simply meet with friends so that you can stay in a neutral state of mind away from all the mind chatter you would have otherwise
  2. Challenge
    • When you challenge yourself to achieve bigger, better things and when you achieve them, you feel amazing about yourself and you start saying "I'm good enough. I can do this. I am capable. I am worthy. I matter. My voice matters." to yourself. And as you keep saying these things, you build a strong belief, confidence within yourself that ignites something in you!
  3. Self-Celebration
    • Self celebrating yourself looks like getting yourself a bouquet of flowers or cooking your favorite meal for yourself or inviting your best friend over to have a deep, meaningful heart to heart conversation.
    • The trick is, you can self celebrate your success, your achievement even before you achieve it. And actually this is how it'll help you get motivated. This sends reinforcing message to your brain to keep going because now your brain gets to see how rewarding it'll be to achieve it.
  4. Contribution
    • Yes contribution is going to make you motivated. As you help someone feel better about themselves you'll also feel better about yourself. Because as you make a difference in someone else's life and as you matter you're going to feel so great about being who you are. And that will ignite that special space inside of you. And all of a sudden you'll feel "Oh my God, I am an amazing human being and I can do great things!"

One last reminder, keep journaling. Keep writing your achievements, your little wins, a list of your awesomeness to keep yourself healthy, happy and motivated. There is nothing better than looking at a list of your achievements that you are so proud of.

By keeping yourself motivated you are also inspiring others and helping them to stay motivated as well. And as you know, that's exactly what we need more of. To make this world a better place, we need more love ❀️ and shiny minds.

XOXO, Shiny Burcu Unsal


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