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4 Signs You Are Not Self Actualized

4 Signs You Are Not Self Actualized

Mar 08, 2023

 Hello everyone,

Today, I want to talk to you about self-actualization and how it relates to be thankful in life and be grateful for ourselves and our loved ones...

Remember Abraham Maslow? One of the pioneers starting the human potential movement with his hierarchy of needs, back in 1940's? Well, at the very top his theory of hierarchy of human needs, there is self actualization.

Self actualization means you live on purpose. It means you have a calling. And it also means that your talents, your skills and your self expression maximize your human potential. 

And there are some signs that reveal if you are self-actualized or not. 


When you are in conversations, do you find yourself attacking someone?

Maybe you do not or consciously do it, but you certainly cause someone to go into defense or somebody tells you something, and even though it's just like a normal friendly question, do you find yourself defending yourself or trying to defend your point. Well, that might be because you’re a reactive and you have this sort of unfinished business with life as if life owes you something and you are angry at life, you have a problem with life because life owes you and you have this entitlement. 


What do I mean by denial?

You know, some of us we don't even realize, but there is this world around us loudly telling us to change our behaviors to do something different so that we can really tap into our potential. If you are in denial, you are not going to hear them. You're not allowing any information, anybody to tell you something because you are just like so reactive, and you are just so defensive. You don't want to hear anything because it hurts. 


You are unhappy if you catch yourself doing activities. Going to work and creating relationships. They are supposed to make you feel joyful and fulfilled and happy, and still yet there is something missing. There is always this empty hole inside of you, and that always makes you feel unfulfilled. 


Life happens to you, and you have no power over whatever to you, right? It's not like you make it happen. It's not like it happens for you or it happens through you, but instead it happens to you because you have no power, no control, no effect, and you are a victim. You are the victim of your circumstances. You are hopeless and helpless.

Because you have this victim mentality, so in order for you to get out of this type of mentality, you need to keep asking yourself how there must be a way how? How do I get fulfilled? How do I feel happy? 

Here are the 4 signs that reveal you are not self actualized; in hopes that you become aware and commit to your journey of self actualization. And eventually be thankful to your life and say: I LOVE ❤️ MY LIFE!

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Shiny Burcu Unsal



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