4 Signs You Are Not Self Actualized



On this very special day, I want to talk to you about self-actualization and how it relates to be thankful in life and be grateful for ourselves and our loved ones...

Remember Abraham Maslow? One of the pioneers starting the human potential movement with his hierarchy of needs, back in 1940's?

Well, at the very top his theory of hierarchy of human needs, there is self actualization.

Self actualization means you live on purpose. It means you have a calling. And it also means that your talents, your skills and your self expression maximize your human potential. 

And there are some signs that reveal if you are self-actualized or not. 

And today on this very special day to give thanks to our life, I am going to share 4 signs that reveal you are not self actualized; in hopes that you become aware and commit to your journey of self actualization. And eventually be thankful to your life and say: I LOVE ❤️ MY LIFE! 

You can watch the full video from the link below and share it with others as a way to say THANKS on this special day.

Made with LOVE ❤️ and GRATITUDE for SHINY MINDS ...

Happy Thanksgiving, 🤗

Shiny Burcu Unsal

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