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4 Levels Of Consciousness

Feb 22, 2023

We all dance in between 4 levels of consciousness, depending on the frequency of our thoughts: Victim mentality. Personal responsibility. Flow. Oneness.

The unfortunate fact is 97% of the world population lives mostly in victim mentality. And that means people lacking self-love, self-appreciation, feeling frustrated and projecting their unhappy reality on others. That's the biggest mindset problem in the world. But, the good news is that the mind is elastic and you can totally rewire your brain and shine your neurons to become a happier you, in flow and oneness.

The first step is becoming aware and then applying the Neuro-Shine Technology™ formula for change: CHANGE = AWARENESS X WILLINGNESS




You have no power, you have no control over life, you are the end result. You are the effect of life. Everything happens to you, and that also puts you in this place of victimhood where you start talking about, complaints, blames, the embarrassments, that the shame that you have, the hopelessness, the helplessness, and the guilt. This level needs to be caught, needs to be transformed, needs to be elevated immediately. 


Now you have empowerment and courage. Now you have tapped into your own self-control. Now you can say, I got this right. I'm not the effect of life. I'm the cause. Like I'm going to make it happen.

This is a total different mindset. I'm sure you can see the difference between life happens to me and life happens for me mentalities.

How can you spot if you are in the responsible mindset and consciousness, you're going to have self-regulation. You're going to have empowerment, motivation, and control.


Next level you can rise up, is gonna happen only when you are able to let go of that excessive control. Remember the number two, when you are able to let go of that too much control. 

What does that mean through me? Which means that you are not blocking anything. You are just this transparent. You don't try to win. You don't try to become right. Everybody is right. Everybody has their own place. When you're able to let go, when you're able to forgive and forget. When you're able to dance with life, now you know you are in flow level of consciousness. 



This is a place of consciousness where you are one with everything. You not only integrate different parts of disciplines and perspectives about life, but you are also able to connect with objects, nature, animals, the little things, the air, the food. So, you are one, it's everything.

And you are a part of it, and you are responsible as much as other things. You are also responsible to create the happenings of your life. You create your own reality. 

Made with love ❤️ for a better world, with more love ❤️ and #ShinyMinds.

by Shiny Burcu Unsal




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