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3 Unpopular Ways To Handle Rejection

3 Unpopular Ways To Handle Rejection

Sep 15, 2022

Today's topic is rejection. According to my opinion, rejection is a bit overrated, don't you think? I mean, it's such a big thing. We fear rejection. We have anxiety around rejection. We have nightmares about rejection, getting rejected. Oh, my goodness. I really believe it's overrated and that's why today, I am going to share three popular ways to handle your rejection. 

If you are ready, let's go!


Language dictates your reality in Neuro-linguistic programming it is so obvious that every single word is almost like hypnosis to your brain. So, each time you use an advert that word creates your reality. 

So, the minute you say it, it becomes your reality on your map of the world. And that's why when you replace this word, when another word, which is, for example, learning, right? Because every time somebody is rejecting you, they’re also showing you something that you can do better, correct? And that might be reframed, reframing is a terminology we used in Neuro Linguistic programming again, so you can reframe it as learning.

So instead of calling rejection a rejection, call it learning and learn from it and watch how fast you're going to start handling rejection.


The mechanics of language, the mechanics of what is going on behind that rejection because somebody is rejecting something, right? So, the mechanics behind it is A, the needs are not being met. B, the intention may not be clear. Three, values are not met or can be different things. Whatever the mechanics are. There is this internal mechanic I'm talking about. And if somebody is not saying yes to your offer, whatever that offer is, if you're getting a no, that's a rejection, right?

So if that no is a no there is a reason behind it, it's not beneficial for them, and it's not meeting their needs, and values. You name it. So that's why when you go beyond the know when you see and understand what it is, that you can do better, again. It's just growing, it's just learning, and it is an improvement.


Hug all the rejections you receive in the world because the minute you have this negative connotation this negative association with rejection. Guess, what's happening? You are dividing and separating yourself, and the universe does not like separation. The universe is one. You have Oneness. You need to integrate everything with everything. There is no shininess without any darkness, right?

So, rejection is good. It can be cured; it can be adorable as long as you look at it that way. So, I’m inviting you to hug your rejections, and that way, they're not going to be something that you need to handle anymore. 

Made with love ❤️ for a better world with more love ❤️ and #ShinyMinds in it... Shiny Burcu Unsal



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