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3 Tips To Hold Yourself Accountable

Jun 24, 2021

Today our topic is accountability; which is one of the biggest reasons why a person wants to work with a coach.

Did you know that accountability matters 80 percent of your actions and goal achievement?

Did you know that accountability actually is a big part of your integrity?

So, as part of my coaching certification trainings which is approved by International Coaching Federation (ICF) we talk a lot about accountability, we talk a lot about taking action and actually be accountable for it. And that accountability in the long run becomes integrity. Right?

Are you doing what you are saying that you are going to do?

Are you doing it at the time that you are saying that you are going to do?

That is a very very critical point in your life to get things done and hold yourself accountable does comes with some challenges.

So, as a coach trainer, as somebody who has been doing this for more than 9 years now I have some ideas to share with you. 

Ready? Let's go!

Made with love ❤️ for a better world, with more love ❤️ and #ShinyMinds.

by Shiny Burcu Unsal

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