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3 Signs Of Charisma how to enhance your charisma by shiny unsal

3 Signs Of Charisma

Sep 29, 2022

Hello everyone!

Today we are talking about charisma!

Who is charismatic? We are going to figure that out :) And I am going to share 3 signs that you are charismatic!

As part of my Leadership Communication Strategies Class that I teach at UCLA Extension, charisma is a topic that we cover. And I gotta tell you that it's a really hot topic.

We all have an idea about what charisma is, and what it's not. We can agree or disagree. 

Let me share my take on it. And here comes my three signs that you are charismatic:





Think about someone as they enter the room with a powerful presence. They don't have to do anything just the way they are. They're being is so powerful to ground it They are solid and they give you strength, some sort of motivation, and inspiration without understanding, why?

Because it's all energy, the charismatic people have this powerful presence and it's just rock solid. If you want to improve your charisma, please make sure you have a powerful presence which is also called holding the space in the coaching world.


Can you deny confidence? If you've seen someone, you can't, right? We can spot it, it's easy. What is not easy to have that confidence. Charismatic people have it anyways, they don't have to have something special to have that confidence. Maybe you can think of them as if they're born with it, but they are not. You can make sure that they have done things, and then they have set things to themselves or two others to build that confidence. And it came to a point that is a part of them, they don't have to do confidence because they are confident.

When you talk about undeniable confidence, it needs to come somewhere deep from you and know who you are. That needs to be unshakable and undeniable. When you have that, you'll know you have that. When you see someone like that, you'll know they have that. So that's assigned.


Here we are talking about that compelling attractiveness again, that attractiveness is so attractive that inspires devotion in others. You are drawn to that personality that charisma, that charm is so attractive, so magnetic that you're inspired, right? So that is a great sign.

If you look in history, entertainment or sports, or politics, you'll see everywhere leaders with charisma. They'll have all of these three signs and more, I just share three of them.

I'm right here with you. So that by applying these strategies, you can enhance your charisma.

Made with love ❀️ for a better world with more love ❀️ and #ShinyMinds in it...

by Shiny Burcu Unsal


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