3 Reasons Why You Need A Coaching Mindset


Do you know what we are going to talk about today? We are going to talk about coaching mindset and why you need to have a coaching mindset. There are several benefits of having a coaching mindset but I'll be sharing only three of them with you today.

But before I share those three benefits, I would like to talk to you about the PERMA Model in Positive Psychology. The PERMA Model is an acronym for all the key ingredients that make you really happy in life:

P: Positive Psychology 

E: Engagement

R: Relationships

M: Meaning

A: Achievements

Now, let's talk about those three benefits of having a coaching mindset and how they relate to your overall happiness:


Coaching mindset is not only a concept, it's a real skill. As an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certified Coach and an ICF Accredited Coach Training Provider, I can tell you that coaching mindset is the structured way of loving and supporting yourself, guiding yourself and helping yourself to maximize your own personal and professional potential.

Because the definition of coaching according to ICF is to partner up with your clients in a creative and thought-provoking way to maximize their personal and professional potential. And as you develop this type of mindset, you'll adopt this type of thinking not only for your clients but also for yourself and for your family and friends. And once you learn how to maximize human potential, it'll get addictive and you're gonna wanna do it every single day, actually every single moment. Because it's delicious to have that skill. It's amazing to operate like that. And in the end, it'll be a priceless skill to have, for a lifetime!

Problems: not a problem!

Anxiety: not a problem!

Heavy emotions: you got this!

You'll absolutely be unstoppable! And you'll love it!


Remember the PERMA Model? And what the R stands for? Relationships. 

Martin Seligman, the Co-Founder of Positive Psychology, developed this model to help us measure our level of happiness by looking at these five areas of life and that's how having a coaching mindset relates to your overall happiness. Through adopting a coaching mindset you improve your relationships and you improve your overall happiness.

As you adopt a coaching mindset, people around you will feel more understood, more appreciated, more cared about because you'll literally become a different person! You'll build better business relationships, you'll get more clients and people are going to love you and you'll know how to love them too!


As you develop a coaching mindset, you'll master human psychology, you'll master fundamental reprogramming principles of the mind, the power of your thoughts and your language and eventually, you'll master being a human! 

Once you master being a human, you'll get everybody. You'll understand them. You'll catch the hidden meaning of their body language, the intention of their tonality, the shift in their energy and what it means and as a result, you'll easily get their deepest fears and desires. And that's how you will win in every singe case, in every single situation, because you'll know how you win hearts and minds.

Like I said, there are so many other benefits of developing a coaching mindset, I only shared my top three with you here. I hope they helped you. If they did, please share this video with your friends and subscribe to my Shiny Minds Show on YouTube for more videos like this.

And if you would love to explore more about coaching and becoming a coach, you can learn more from this link and join my next online ICF Approved NLP & Coach Double Certification Training. 

To a better world together, with more love ❤️ and #ShinyMinds ...

Shiny Burcu Unsal


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