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3 Qualities Needed To Show Up As Your Authentic Self

3 Qualities To Show Up As Your Authentic Self

Jan 07, 2021

Hello everyone! 

Hello from Belgium 🇧🇪 {{first_name}},

After completing my in-person training in Istanbul, I started traveling in Europe and so far I've been loving every moment of my trip!

Since I started talking about my interviews with Forbes, I wanted to continue the same path and and share another interview Forbes did with me, back in 2020.

This time, my topic is authenticity. How to show up in life as our most real, truthful and our authentic self.


Let's go!




When we communicate with fear, we are feeding anther part of us, which is not authentic to us. And if it is not authentic to us, then it's not going to be authentic to anybody else.

Then we're going to create this false reality, and who wants that, right?

Nobody wants to live in a false reality which doesn't create great results, joy, happiness or success. So that's the outcome of communicating with fear.

Let's say that I am someone in a transition and I am looking for a job. And in this job interview, this HR Executive is asking if I like the definition of the job.

And because of fear I might be thinking "Oh My Gosh, if I don't get this job I don't know how I'm going to survive. I don't know how I'm going to go on in my career and in my professional life, I should take it." So then, fear is going to take over and even if you don't feel like it's good for you, you're going to be like "Oh yeah, this is a great job for me" I'll say. "I've been always looking for something like that. This is a great opportunity for me to express my skills, my talents and my experience..." So I'm just going to lie. 

Why? Because fear is ruling.

Whereas, if I am true to myself, how am I going to show up?

I am going to say: "Listen, I absolutely appreciate this opportunity. And I know that it's going to be a great platform for me to express myself with my talents, and still yet, I have some questions, because I can anticipate that they might create some sort of future problems. And I'd love to discuss it before they get bigger issues for us. 

Now, you are tapping into your true self. And you are expressing something that is actually really hard; because you are at the risk of not getting that job. 

But, what are you gaining instead? 

You are gaining yourself. You are gaining the HR Executive's trust, now they feel like: "You know this person is telling me the truth. So whenever something goes wrong, she/he will tell me the truth and that is the environment for safety and trust. 



When I talk about aliveness, I'm talking about this energy that we get to feel. When you're communicating with someone, there is some sort of an energy that you feel. And if you don't have that spark in you, the spark of aliveness, which means that you are not happy, you are not grateful, you are not appreciating life.

You are not appreciating where you are, who you are or what you do. Which means that there is no gratitude.

Aliveness represents gratitude. And the benefit of aliveness is actually a reminder of gratitude.



We are so afraid of hurting each other. Maybe you are in a relationship. It can be a romantic relationship, a professional relationship, or friendship. And because we don't want to hurt each other, we hold back.

We don't want to confront. We don't want to tell something that might end up creating an issue.

You are going to live with yourself for the rest of your life. Maybe this person is here for temporary times.

But this one right here, this connection with yourself is going to be with you forever. 

This part of you, the part that is inviting you to connect and honor your own values, it's going to stay with you, for a lifetime!

And that's why, it's so important to connect to that part who wants to be seen, heard and appreciated by you.

That needs to come first. When it comes first, which means that you are okay to take the risk of losing this connection, that connection, this connection. Because you are choosing yourself over those connections. And you should be ok with it.

If you want to show up as your true, authentic self in your self expression, you should be okay with that. 

Because the risk of losing a relationship is not as bad as losing yourself. 

To an authentic YOU everyday!


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