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10 Cosmic Laws Of The Universe

Aug 25, 2022

Today our topic is very deep, very sophisticated and yet incredibly enlightening and practical once we apply them in our everyday lives.

I'll talk about the ten undeniable cosmic laws of the universe that I covered in my book: YOU ARE A STAR! SHINE! Become A Galactic Leader In 5 Steps

Think about gravity... We are all aware of what it is and what it does and so we simply plan and live our lives with that non-negotiable fact of knowledge. 

Just like gravity, we have other laws governing our life, the universe, the cosmos we live and breathe in. But we are not aware of them, so we simply bypass them, or we ignore them and therefore we miss the opportunity of designing our lives around them.

Because they are invisible. And they are also not taught at school by our teachers, or by our parents. And they simply don't have the power to occupy significant bandwidth in our brains.

And guess what? Either you know about them or you don't, they are at work! They are the invisible forces of our cosmos. And if you don't take the time to get to know them, understand how they affect your relationships, your decisions, your emotions, you'll be clueless why you are not able to manifest the life of your dreams...

But, this will change today! Because I am going to break them all down for you and explain how they are all priceless pieces of wisdom we need more of in our lives:




You are literally made up of stardust. We all exploded from a giant nebula, all of us, all elements, all of the emotions including love are a part of this divine oneness.

Because everything exploded from a star, and you literally are Stardust. And if you keep reminding yourself of this, very Cosmic fact, you're going to be a lot stronger.So you are stardust and you are divine. Remember this and keep on shining ;)


The only reason you experience pain is for you to appreciate pleasure. Everything comes with the other side of it, just like the coin.

  • If you didn’t know ugly, you wouldn't appreciate something good.
  • If you didn't know what bad was, if you didn't know how painful it was, you wouldn't appreciate the pleasure.
  • The Joy, the happiness that surrounds the pain.
  • If you didn't know darkness you will appreciate shininess.

So that is the basic idea. There is a slow polarity, and if you keep reminding yourself, this very basic law of the universe. You're going to be a lot stronger


So above, as below. What we can experience with our five senses in this planet earth represents only 1%. The remaining 99% is invisible and unknown, since we are limited with our five senses. 

Whatever the struggle you are going through right now will create a corresponding level of fulfillment and joy you'll experience. Hang in there!


Everything happens for a reason. The universe has its own cosmic intelligence that governs everything else in your life. And this cosmic intelligence is the reason why everything happens for a reason. Because the universe is creating it that way. 

Here's the crazy question, If you were the universe how would you experience life? Go #galactic in your thinking and see what's this cosmic intelligence is telling you. 


Quantum physics has proven to us that everything is energy at the core. Vibrating at different levels of frequencies.

So then, remind yourself to vibrate at the highest levels of frequencies in the universe. Which are gratitude and appreciation, according to the studies at the HeartMath Institute.

The universe wants you to appreciate it, if you don't appreciate the universe, if you don't appreciate life, your life, you should not expect your life to appreciate you and the vibration that you experience, the vibration that you experience.


Your mind is your ultimate instrument to create the communication between your body and your soul. The music of the universe. Your soul is the fabric of the universe. 

Open mind means being able to connect to your spiritual body, to the universe, so that you can catch it's rhythm at all times and see if your own rhythm matches the rhythm of the people, situations, places and activities you are involved with.

Remind yourself that.


What goes around comes back around. Whatever you think about, you bring about in your life. It basically tells you that you are like a radio tower, broadcasting a certain level of frequency from your thoughts, attracting similar level of frequencies in the universe.

You need to pay attention to the quality and frequency of your thoughts, beliefs, language and actions because that's exactly how the Law of Attraction works.


Attracting and manifesting comes with action. Your biggest power is to believe in yourself and take that personal action.

The tangible stuff is crucial for you to get what you want and that's exactly why you need to remind yourself of the law of action. If you look around successful people, if you model how they do it, they take action because that's how the universe works. Successful people take massive action.


Einstein has gifted us with this law. But how does it apply to your life? 

Remind yourself that whatever is right for you might be wrong for someone else and whatever is right for them might as well be wrong for you. It's all relative. Be open and let go of trying to be the only one who is right.


Your dedication and commitment is going to create your own transmutation of energy and your future transformations. It's all a part of a big process called "life".

For example, I love chemistry. Think about salt...

Salt is made up of two elements sodium and chloride.  They commit to becoming one and creating salt for us. And if they didn't commit, if they didn't dedicate to each other, what would happen? We wouldn't have salt in the universe as an element and there would be chaos. So, my question to you even if these elements, they understand commitment, dedication, the law of the universe and the cosmic intelligence so then why can't you?

I hope these ten cosmic laws of the universe helped you and expanded your thinking. Because they truly transformed the way I look at life, in my journey.

And remember, you are here to become more and achieve more and to co-create your own magical universe, with the universe itself.

So that together we can make this a better world ...

With more LOVE β€οΈ and SHINY MINDS.


Shiny Burcu Unsal

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