ICF Accredited Professional Neuro-Shine Technology™ Coach & Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® Certification Training


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Learn the Magic Formula to Create any Change in Your Life with NLP & Neuro-Shine Technology™ 


Where Neuro-Shine Technology reveals your own coaching style and methodology.

This is your advanced level world-class, educating, entertaining, deepening and forwarding training where you get to become certified not only as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, but also as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Shine Technology and a Professional Coach (at HALF price!) at the highest standards, regulations and certifications in the world!

In order for you to MASTER the #1 technology of human communication and behaviors of all times, NLP, we are going to use the original NLP Master Practitioner training book, again personally created by the co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler. And in order for you to MASTER your influential NLP techniques, magical and logical Neuro-Shine Technology tools, and advanced coaching skills and strategies as a certified coach, we will re-visit all the ICF Core Competencies and so you will continue coaching your peers in the class and receive immediate peer feedback on your coaching style.

We're also going to add new tools to your coaching toolbox like Hypnosis, NLP T.O.T.E. Strategies, Belief structures as in RULES, STANDARDS, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Transformation Technique in addition to our original curriculum of ICF's advanced coaching standards, positive psychology, neuroscience, heart-science, metaphysics, quantum physics, cosmology, emotional intelligence, leadership communication strategies as part of the one & only science-based, mind+heart coherence success system: Neuro-Shine Technology™.

You'll also get a chance to teach the material to your peer coaches in the class and MEASURE how COHERENT your mind & heart is with the most advanced heart-science device I'll bring for you


Go even deeper and further within yourself to:

  1. Build EVEN more joyful and meaningful relationships with YOURSELF and others
  2. Become who you are truly meant to be
  3. Create even more amazing results in your life and business with your advanced skills of influence
  4. STEP UP to make your own difference in the world!

What Is Neuro-Shine Technology™?

Neuro-Shine Technology™ is the technology for truth that combines the power of the mind with the wisdom of the heart. It's a powerful model of success that helps individuals communicate truthfully to and from the core of being a human.

10 Disciplines Of

Neuro-Shine Technology

1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming
2. Neuroscience
3. Metaphysics
4. Quantum Physics
5. Cosmology
6. Positive Psychology
7. Heart-science
8. Emotional Intelligence
9. Leadership Communication Strategies
10. Advanced Coaching Skills

Neuro-Shine Technology™ aims to revolutionize the way we think about thinking and learning through integrating science and spirituality, brain and heart, mind and matter, logic and magic with love and oneness.

The ultimate mission of Neuro-Shine Technology™ is to show people how to live in a beautiful state of BE'ing consistently and make authentic and strategic decisions in every aspect of life, communicate effectively and from the heart, create and innovate purposeful businesses and most importantly build and lead deeper and even more meaningful relationships with self and others from that beautiful place of truth, where the power of the mind hugs the truth in the heart...

What Is Neuro-Shine Technology’s

Formula For Change?

CHANGE = Awareness x Willingness

Every change begins in the mind, by becoming aware of what needs to change. And that’s achieved by experiencing more Neuro-Shine Moments™, which ultimately increases awareness. The second step to achieve any change is to be willing to do whatever it takes to get the result. And the reason there is a “multiplier” in the formula is because without one or the other there will be no change.

Zero awareness multiplied by any willingness will always equal zero. Or zero willingness multiplied by any level of awareness will again equal zero. So we need to have both to create the change that we want: Both knowing and doing what we know.


What Is A Neuro-Shine Moment™?

Neuro-Shine Moment™ represents a moment of enlightenment, when we are able to combine the power of our mind with the wisdom of our heart.

Neuro-Shine Moment™ is the real, tangible, measurable electrical brain activity that comes about at the peak moments of our neurons firing and wiring together. We know these as our “A-HA” moments. In the language of Neuro-Shine Technology™, an A-HA moment is a neuron-shining moment, where the power of the mind hugs the truth in the heart.


What Is A Shiny Mind?

It is this very act of mind & heart integration, which electrifies our neurons in a truly enlightening way, creating a “SHINY MIND™” for us.

As opposed to a mind that’s dark, confused and fearful of the unknown, a Shiny Mind™ digs deep and taps into the light within, expands contextual thinking, busts assumptions, questions behaviors, upgrades language, improves effectiveness, accepts the unknown, welcomes and even hugs the fear and follows the path to the only real success. Not a memorized, unquestioned, conventional success that’s taught to us by others; a Shiny Mind™ is a cosmically conscious, profoundly powerful, unshakably optimist, glorious and miraculous mind that helps us achieve the highest levels of personal and professional success, enlightened and designed by our very own truth.

The Purpose Of Neuro-Shine Technology™

The purpose of Neuro-Shine Technology™ is to create Shiny Minds™ and elevate the consciousness of our humanity to a transformational level of enlightenment by teaching us how to combine the power of our mind with the wisdom of our heart so that we can tap into our own truth and reinvent success, freedom and joy based on who we truly are.


Click here to download the PDF worksheet about Neuro-Shine Technology™️.


Welcoming & setting the foundation for co-creation 

  • Rules for the Best NLP Master Practitioner competition :)
  • Legal forms & agreements 
  • Student introductions 
    • Trainer’s introduction

Review Content from Practitioner of Neuro-Shine Technology™ Training:

  • How to give feedback (sandwich model)
    • Examples
  • Difference between brain & mind
  • How coaching works in the mind
    • Example

EXERCISE: Neuro-Shine Coaching in pairs 

- Feedback about their coaching

  • PRESENCE (step #1 in Neuro-Shine Coaching)

EXERCISE: Presence exercise in pairs – twice

- Group share

Learnings for day 1

HOMEPLAY: Be present for yourself for 10 minutes


Review Content from Practitioner of Neuro-Shine Technology™ Training:

  • 2 people teach one topic (in depth with different perspectives) to their peer coaches
    • Group Q&A and feedback
  • 1 person teaches Swish/Smash Pattern exercise to the class
    • Trainer's feedback

Mastering Different Disciplines of Neuro-Shine Technology™

  • 5 Components of Emotional Intelligence and how to improve major skills of emotional mastery
  • Universal Emotions

EXERCISE: Emotional transformation

  • Emotional Intelligence

EXERCISE: Rate yourself and get a partner to rate them on their emotional intelligence

  • NLP T.O.T.E. Strategies

EXERCISE: Powerful emotional strategies

- Clarifying personal strategies for emotional mastery

Learnings for day 2

HOMEPLAY: https://brainhealthassessment.com/  


Group Competition GAME ON! ;)

More on Neuroscience & Anatomy of Brain:

  • Results of the brain type test
  • Brain type discussion, brain scans, the affect of the organ, etc.
  • More on the difference coaching & therapy 

Coaching at ICF (International Coach Federation) Standards:

  • How coaching works
  • Required list of coaching skills
  • Designing Alliance: creating your own discovery coaching session with the help of a template

EXERCISE: Discovery session in groups of 3 with feedback

  • What are your top values?

EXERCISE: Value clarification session in groups of 3 with feedback

  • What do you tolerate?

EXERCISE: Tolerations session in groups of 3 with feedback

Learnings for day 3

HOMEPLAY: Take the tests, COACH 3 PEOPLE and be aware aware what drives you when coaching:




Review Content from Practitioner of Neuro-Shine Technology™ Training:

  • 2 people teach one topic (in depth with different perspectives) to their peer coaches
    • Group Q&A and feedback
  • 1 person teaches Parts Integration exercise to the class
    • Trainer's feedback
    • Importance of being able to HEAR the rules behind what's NOT SAID
    • How the deep structure of our beliefs aka. rules rule our world

EXERCISE: Coaching for reframing rules in groups of 3

- Feedback in coaching style

- Group share

    • How can we hear people's standards in their language

EXERCISE: Coaching to clarify standards in groups of 3

- Feedback in coaching style

- Group share

Learnings for day 4

HOMEPLAY: Write a letter for yourself about your coaching style



Review Content from Practitioner of Neuro-Shine Technology™ Training:

  • 2 people teach one topic (in depth with different perspectives) to their peer coaches
    • Group Q&A and feedback
  • 1 person teaches Timeline exercise to the class
    • Group's feedback on teaching
    • Trainer's feedback

Coaching at ICF (International Coach Federation) Standards:

  • Individual feedbacks, learnings and group discussion about the homeplay :)
  • Q&A session for coaching agreements and forms of ICF

EXERCISE: Discovery session #2 in groups of 3 

- Feedback from the self, observer and the client

- Group share

Learnings for day 5

HOMEPLAY: Take the Big-5 Personality Test and explain how it'll be useful as an assessment tool in your coaching practice




Group Competition GAME ON! ;)

More on Professional Coaching Skills:

EXERCISE: "The coach chair" session

- Group share on learnings


  • HMI Heart-science the combination of mind & heart
  • Inner Balance app practice with mind – heart coherence before hypnosis


  • Review of NLP Milton Model Hypnotic language 
  • Suggestibility test
  • Sample hypnosis test with a volunteer

EXERCISE: Hypnosis session in pairs

- Group share

  • Inner Balance app practice with mind – heart coherence after hypnosis

Learnings for day 6

HOMEPLAY: Study Brain & Heart COHERENCE for 1 hour


(Feedback + Q&A + Graduation Day)

Group Competition GAME ON! ;)

  • Master notion of “self-talk” as a coding function for habits and beliefs in professional coaching
    • Integrating NLP & Coaching & Love and Oneness as Neuro-Shine Technology™
    • Living in a beautiful state consistently with BRAIN & HEART COHERENCE
  • Wrap-up to becoming an ICF Certified Coach
  • Next Steps & Action plan group exercises
  • Q&A session
  • Best Neuro-Shine Technology Master Practitioner Competition Award Winner announcement & surprise gift!
  • Graduation Oath
  • Group Picture
  • 1 min testimonials
  • Training Feedback Forms 
  • Master graduate round table for individual feedbacks
  • Certificate Ceremony and Graduation Dinner :) 

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