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Level 1 ICF ACC path - ICF Accredited 12-Week Online NLP & Coach Double Certification Training 7/22

This ICF Accredited 12-Week Online NLP & Coach Double Certification Training will make you a world-class ICF Certified Coach, ACC!

Save your Tuesdays 12pm-3pm EST from July 26th, 2022 to October 11th, 2022.

What you'll get:

  • More than 15 hours of video + audio + reading content
  • PDF worksheets for each video
  • Audio downloads for each video
  • Bonus content for each module
  • Online or App access to the courses
  • Lifetime access to all your courses
  • Intimate group of peer coaches to learn, grow with, support and supported by 
  • Private Facebook Group for you to interact and grow with others in the program
  • Interactive Zoom sessions with other students for you to practice what you have learned
  • Recorded Zoom sessions for you to rewatch the training sessions and relearn and rewire your brain with an unstoppable mindset
  • 3 hours of live, interactive training over zoom for 12 weeks from 10.4.2022 to 10.11.2022 12pm-3pm EST (hours will be noted on your certification) 
  • 48 hours of ICF Core Competencies (CC) units
  • 12 hours of ICF Resource Development (RD) units
  • Coaching documents, additional tools and resources you'll need as a coach, like your ICF coaching session checklist and a discovery session template
  • Weekly group coaching practice with immediate input from the trainer & the client you coached
  • Certification** as a Neuro-Shine Technology Coach™ that'll allow you to begin working as a coach (all zoom sessions + video / PDF content study is a must)
  • Certification** as a Provisional* Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ that'll allow you to practice the transformational tools of NLP when coaching others (co-signed by Dr. Richard Bandler)

*You'll still need to come for a 3-day test & review training in person to get your full NLP practitioner license from Dr. Richard Bandler. (3-day in person training requires additional payment)

  • Technical support if you need
  • BONUS #1: FREE 3-Hour Personal ICF Mentor Coaching ($1,500 value - And it's required for your ICF ACC Credential) 



ICF requires minimum 60 hours of coach-specific training for anyone to get certified as a coach.

My Provisional NLP Practitioner & Neuro-Shine Technology Coach™ Double Certification Training is also approved for 60 hours.

So in order for you to pursue your ICF credential, you need to complete this full 60 hours of training with me. 

30 hours of that 60 required hours need to be live, interactive training on zoom. (12 weeks x 3 hours a week)

And the remaining 30 hours will be 20 hours of self study and 10 hours of coaching practice.


1. In order to get certified both as a  Coach and a Provisional NLP Practitioner, you'll need to complete all 10-weeks of live zoom trainings. These weekly sessions are where you'll also receive all your 30 hours of interactive coach specific training hours as ICF requires. (Showing up to ALL 12 weeks of interactive zoom sessions is a must for you to get certified. So please make sure not to miss any hours as they are very important towards your certification. If you miss, you'll need to make up those hours and pay additional $200 per hour.)

2. In order to get double certified, you'll also need to complete all the weekly video content, read all the documents I provided and take your time to go through all the questions inside your PDF worksheets in your course library. (Minimum 20 hours of self study is also a must for you to get certified.) 

3. You'll also need to have a minimum of 10 hours of coaching experience during these 12 weeks. (This 10 hours of coaching experience is also a must for you to get certified. If not, you can't get certified as a coach.)

4. You'll also need to pass the written test after you have completed all these hours to get certified as a coach. 

5. And finally, if you would love to pursue and qualify for your coaching credential from ICF, you'll need 100 hours of coaching experience + 10 hours of mentor coaching to help you develop your skills + some other procedural requirements by ICF. (I'll teach you everything you need to know about becoming an ICF Certified Coach during the training, including these additional steps)



**All the certifications are subject to individual assessment, NLP knowledge, coaching skills and qualifications. The trainer reserves the right not to certify the individual, if any of the individual's behaviors is not aligned with ICF Code of Ethics

What People Are Saying:

Shiny’s energy is completely uplifting as a coach. I found everything more than my expectation in this program, Right Motivation, Inspiration, Leadership, Coaching techniques, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Neuro-Shine Techniques, Cosmic laws of the universe, Laws of the mind, and much more. I have enjoyed her thoughts and discussions as a family over the dining table, study table and even in my bedroom 😍 Keep shining Shiny🥰🤩😇Thank You so much.

Payal Khatri

Dear shiny , I must tell you, you are an amazing teacher. I am very impressed and inspired from the way you teach. And by whom you are, the videos are awesome and super professional. I am so glad and privileged that I chose you. Thank you 🙏

Levana Levy Edri

Shiny Burcu Unsal is professional and unique in what she teaches. Her trainings are extraordinary and her coachings eye opening. She loves what she does: and this is impacting the way she is teaching and coaching: with professionalism, heart and soul. I can recommend Shiny fully.

Gabi Laszinger

Shiny' Neuro Linguistic Programming & Professional Coach Certification Training allowed me to discover parts of myself that I had not realized in other training programs. Her training has helped me to separate my truest self from an old, un-workable version of myself that wanted to continue hiding from the world. Now I have the confidence to begin my new career as a Life Coach, as well as be with people on a more intimate level. Shiny makes learning fun and easy, and she has always made herself available for support. I recommend her training to anyone in a leadership or management position, entrepreneurs, anyone who works directly with people (i.e. sales, coaching, etc.), or basically anyone who would just like to have a deeper understanding of their own humanity. I feel confident that I have the tools to develop my own personal Shine, and take my life to a whole new #galactic level!!

Michael Pettingale