NLP Practitioner & Motivational Coach
Certification Training
w/Neuro-Shine Technology™


Where logic meets magic...

This is a world-class, educating, entertaining, deepening and forwarding training where you get to become certified not only as a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, but also as a Certified Coach, (for the price of one!) at the highest standards, regulations and certifications in the world!

In order for you to learn the #1 technology of human communication and behaviors of all times, NLP, we are going to use the original NLP Practitioner training book, personally created by the co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler. And in order for you to practice your magnificent NLP tools and strategies as a certified coach, we will cover all the ICF Core Competencies and so you will immediately start coaching your peers in the class.

We're also going to cover other resources like Tony Robbins' transformational life strategies and ICF's advanced coaching standards, positive psychology, neuroscience, heart-science, metaphysics, quantum physics, cosmology, emotional intelligence, leadership communication strategies as part of the one & only science-based, mind+heart coherence success system: Neuro-Shine Technology™.

The aim is to combine the power of your mind with the wisdom of your heart to;
Unlock your true potential, get EVEN better results, get EVEN more done, go deeper and further to become who you are meant to be and let your power shine out!


  • Welcoming & rules of the co-creation game during the training
  • Rules for the Best NLP Practitioner competition :)
  • Student introductions (elevator speeches)
    • Individual purpose statements declared as a group presentation (public speaking experiment)
    • Trainer’s introduction
  • Introduction to Neuro-Shine Technology™
  • Introduction to Cosmology and how it relates to the concept of consciousness
  • Introduction to Quantum Physics and its role on decision making
  • Introduction to Metaphysics and metaphysical approach to the power of the mind
  • Introduction to Neuroscience and how it blends with NLP
  • Introduction to Heart-science and the wisdom of the heart in personal change
  • Introduction to Positive Psychology and the reason for our need for positivity
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and how it relates to the world of NLP
  • Introduction to Leadership Communication Strategies and leadership skills
  • Introduction to Coaching and ICF Core Competencies to become a certified coach
  • Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • Society of NLP licensing agreements and regulations
    • History and the rise of NLP and the world of Tony Robbins
    • What’s NLP and how it creates magic
  • 8 Presuppositions of NLP and how to apply them in professional coaching
  • #1090 rule
    • Exercise in pairs
  • #ItsNotAboutMe rule
    • Exercise in pairs
  • #My5senses rule
    • Exercise in pairs
  • #HowCanI rule
    • Exercise in pairs
  • #IBustMyAssumptions rule
    • Exercise in pairs
  • #ILiveAclass rule
    • Exercise in pairs
  • #IamContextuallyIntelligent rule
    • Exercise in pairs
  • #IjustLearned rule
    • Exercise in pairs



  • The legendary communication model of Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • The destiny circle
    • 5 automatic processes of the mind
  • Conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind
  • UCLA Dr. Daniel Siegel’s hand model of the brain
    • Amygdala vs Prefrontal Cortex – Primitive vs Advanced
    • Emotional vs Cognitive learning/coding of our brain
  • NLP’s process for change – mapping the road from reality to dreams
    • Well Formed Goals
    • Goal setting session with SMART technique
    • Group session with Dream Catcher exercise and kinesiology test
  • Tony Robbins’ Meaning Triangle
    • Individual exercises on meaning creation
  • Tony Robbins on Human Needs Psychology
    • HNP® group exercise in groups of 2
  • Beliefs as computing filters of the mind
    • Individual Gestalt exercise on beliefs
    • Group exercise on limiting beliefs
  • Biology of beliefs and Epigenetics
    • Neuro biography of brain waves
    • Modeling and belief formation according to ages
  • Representational Systems & Sub-modalities
    • Representational language predicates
    • Sub-modalities & 4-tuple
    • Meta-programs & personalities



  • Building Instant Connections - with NLP rapport building
    • Match & mirror exercise to instantly establish “liking” on the other mind
    • Pace & lead exercise to powerfully lead the conversation in coaching, negotiating, conflict resolving, etc.
    • Eye accessing cues – detectives’ secret on catching the truth
  • Psycho-geography – an NLP term used for understanding the psychology / coding behind the body language, gestures and unconscious moves
    • Rapport and psycho-geography exercises as Congruence or Incongruence signaling
    • Anchoring
  • Chunking technique in communication – ability to chunk the size of information up or down
    • Chunking exercise in groups of two
  • Levels of learning – understanding how the brain learns
    • Tools to learn anything faster and easier
  • NLP Meta Model 1 – the answer is in the question
  • NLP Meta Model 2 – eliciting the right information
  • NLP Meta Model 3 – 6W1H technique to elicit the deleted codes of the experience
  • NLP Meta Model 4 – 6W1H technique to elicit the distorted codes of the experience
  • NLP Meta Model 5 – 6W1H technique to elicit the generalized codes of the experience
  • NLP Meta Model 6 – 6W1H technique to elicit the codes of reality / mind map
  • NLP Meta Model 7 – well-formed surface structure of the experiences
    • 6W1H Meta Model 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 exercises in groups of two
  • Notion of “self-talk” as a coding function for habits and beliefs in mind coaching
  • Integrating NLP & Coaching & Love and Oneness as Neuro-Shine Technology™
  • NLP Practitioner round table for individual feedbacks



  • Strategy scrambler
  • NLP Milton Model language patterns 1 – inverse of Meta Model
    • Group exercise on the inverse of Meta Model
  • NLP Milton Model language patterns 2 – presuppositions
    • Group exercise on presuppositions
  • NLP Milton Model language patterns 3 – indirect elicitation patterns
    • Group exercise on indirect elicitation patterns
  • NLP Milton Model language patterns 4 – metaphors
    • Group exercise on metaphors
  • NLP Value Solicitation exercise
    • Value solicitation exercise in groups of two
  • Be-lief based Life Strategy analysis
    • Individual ratings for “power circle” analysis



  • Introduction to the notion of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
    • 5 components of Emotional Intelligence
  • Tony Robbins Dickens Model for better decisions
    • Group exercise on Dickens Model
  • NLP Circle of Excellence exercise as the power of focus and positive language
    • 21 counts for anchoring excellence
  • NLP Parts Integration exercise for creating alternative solutions in life
    • Visual squash
    • 6-step new behavior generation
  • NLP Re-framing technology for better results
    • Individual exercises on reframing
  • NLP’s Perceptual Positions technique – ability to see things in different perspectives
    • Perceptual Positions exercise
  • Tony Robbins on 4 classes of human behavior
    • Daily behavior analysis exercise in groups of 2
    • Feedback
  • Levels of listening in coaching

    • Group exercise in listening



  • NLP Timeline as psycho-geographical re-coding of the old experiences, beliefs, emotions and habits
    • Timeline exercise in groups of 2
  • NLP Swish technique
    • Swish exercise in groups of 2
  • NLP Fast Phobia Cure – freeing the FEARS (False Evident Appearing Real) from the mind
    • Fast phobia cure exercise in groups of 2
  • Wrap up all the information
  • ICF Core Competencies overview for becoming an ICF Certified Associate Coach



 (Feedback + Q&A + Graduation Day)

  • Wrap-up to becoming an ICF Certified Coach
  • Next Steps & Action plan group exercises
  • Q&A session
  • Best NLP Practitioner Competition Award Winner announcement & surprise gift!
  • NLP Practitioner graduate round table for individual feedbacks
  • Graduation Oath
  • Group Picture
  • 1 min testimonials
  • Training Feedback Forms & Referral Program
  • Certificate Ceremony and Graduation Dinner :) 

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